Week of May 7, 2018
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Chuck Hollis
A New Equation
Business technology does not age well. Once an application is running in your company’s data center, it remains frozen in time while the rest of the world rushes forward. Gaps in desired functionality pile up until your business is faced with an expensive and unpleasant proposition to rectify the situation. But modern cloud application, infrastructure, and platform services have permanently changed that equation.

Clouds are economizers—pay less and get more. Clouds enable innovation—the very best tools, ready to be put to work with relative ease. And clouds are equalizers—small teams have access to the exact same technology firepower as the largest organizations. When I talk with companies about moving to modern finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and other cloud applications, I tell them, “This might be your last upgrade.” Read more in my article “Why Cloud Is the Perpetual Upgrade.”

— Chuck Hollis, Oracle Senior Vice President for Converged Infrastructure
Video: Montefiore Takes Healthcare to the Cloud
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Learn to Love AI and Evolve Your DBA Career
The growing autonomy of database technology will give DBAs the chance—if they take it—to become linchpins in their organization’s digital ambitions, because time-consuming tasks will be handled by intelligent, autonomous technology. This shift toward AI means that DBAs will need to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and figure out how to lead when there’s no rule book.
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Industrial Safety Products Vendor Looks to Extinguish Business Risk
For Fike, a manufacturer of industrial fire, explosion, and overpressure protection systems, every customer interaction and sales transaction used to be something of a scramble. Here’s how the company is using technology to manage its customer relationships more strategically.
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How to Overcome the Supply Chain Staffing Shortage
Demand for supply chain pros can far exceed available supply as Baby Boomers retire. At the same time, the skills needed are changing rapidly. The challenge for employers is to find people with the necessary technical and operational competencies as well as the ability to lead, apply analytical thinking, and innovate.
Here’s what to do.
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Communications Service Providers Smarten Up for the Digital Age
A problem for communications service providers—cable, internet, wireless, and traditional telephone companies—is that customers relate more to the devices they carry than to the providers of their service. CSPs can add more value, improve their customer service, and raise their profiles by applying these emerging technologies.
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Golden State Warriors Team Up with Girls on the Run
Oracle has a team that helps Oracle employees find ways to give back. Last month a group of Oracle colleagues volunteered with the Golden State Warriors to host a basketball clinic for Girls on the Run.
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IPsoft Improves Performance by 50% with the Cloud
IPsoft develops and delivers technologies for automating IT and business processes. Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helped it improve application performance significantly, thanks to ease of use, horizontal scalability, flexible pricing, and strong support.
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