May 2018 Edition
Special Report: Your Autonomous Future
In line with its commitment to expand autonomous capabilities across its Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle this month announced the availability of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud. These new groundbreaking PaaS services build upon the capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database, which ushered in a new class of IT offering when it was introduced earlier this year.

Autonomous capabilities are the future of not only Oracle’s technology, but of IT in general. Last month, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicted that more than 50% of enterprise data will be managed autonomously by 2020. “It’s rare to find a system that is faster, less expensive, and more secure, but autonomous technology promises to deliver all three,” said Hurd. “The benefits are too compelling to ignore.”

And IT isn’t the only sector being revolutionized by autonomous capabilities. Here, learn more about the benefits of autonomous technology and how it’s transforming companies in multiple industries, and find out how your company can get ahead of the curve.

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Big News
Automated Is Good. But Autonomous Is Better.
In an IT environment, autonomous database technology delivers unrivaled availability, performance, and security. Because one missed software patch or data breach can lead to catastrophic business failure, autonomous software and cloud services will be the best defense against new threats.
autonomous spotart

Are You Prepared for Autonomous Capabilities?
“The expansion of autonomous technology will require businesses to understand how self-driven, fully scalable, completely integrated, and reliable systems can ultimately impact the strategic goals for the enterprise.”
—Oracle’s Catherine Slater and Charles Njendu
Njendu and Slater

In the Future, Buildings Will Be Autonomous
“By enabling systems to take actions without any human intervention, buildings become more automated. And when these systems adapt their settings by themselves, they get even smarter and become truly autonomous.”
—Oracle’s Hugues Moulin and Nicolas Sobolev
Moulin and Sobolev
Highlights from Profit
A Revolutionary Solution
Oracle’s self-securing autonomous Oracle Database 18c is safer and more reliable.
Oracle Database 18c

Automatic. Secure. Integrated.
Autonomous frees up database teams to focus on security.


How to Train Your Chatbot
Autonomous chat is more prevalent every day; here’s how to manage it.

Oracle Voice
oracle voice
Highlights from Oracle’s blog on

How 3 Businesses Are Using Autonomous IT Right Now
Using Oracle’s new autonomous data warehouse, a business person who isn’t an expert in IT can now go online to order up a data warehouse, which can be ready in only a few minutes to load huge amounts of data.

Oracle Is Revolutionizing the Database—and IT Service Delivery
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is an entirely new class of IT offering, using machine learning to deliver industry-leading performance, security capabilities, and availability with no human intervention.

Autonomous Capabilities Will Make Data Warehouses—and DBAs—More Valuable
If they aren’t overloaded with generic tasks, database administrators can do business-specific tasks, such as data modeling, integrating new data sources, application tuning, and end-to-end service-level management.
video still
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
Oracle Vice President of Product Management George Lumpkin demonstrates the self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.
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