Week of May 21, 2018
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Editor’s Note
Alexa Morales
Analytics, Integration, Development
“Why doesn’t software manage itself?” That’s the question Oracle President Thomas Kurian’s team asked approximately seven years ago. In 2018 the answer is, “It does.”

Earlier this year, Oracle launched the world’s first autonomous data warehouse. Now three more self-driving services have come online: Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud. The self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing abilities of these services fill a gaping need in a software world where the default is far from secure or dependable. Beyond that, these systems learn from interactions and crowd-sourced data to suggest insights and reveal hidden patterns. Software is strategic. These services free technologists to focus on creative work and leave more-routine work to the machines.

— Alexa Weber Morales, Oracle senior editor
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Video: Caesars Entertainment Transforms Finance in 10 Weeks
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Three Ways to Simplify GDPR Compliance
The optimistic would say that Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents an opportunity to build trust with customers and strike a blow against less prepared competitors. Here are three ways to get to that rosy view by making compliance with the regulation easier.
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Coders Solve Real Customer Problems
The challenge of a recent coding event: come up with and solve a unique use case with Oracle Customer Experience Cloud applications and platform-as-a-service products. Four teams competed—and blew the judges away.
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How to Turn Your Data into Profit
For hospitality operators, the eternal challenge is to enhance the guest experience while controlling costs. Increasingly, operators are turning to data science to help inform their decisions, understand market drivers, enhance loyalty, and make predictions.
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Productivity Tips: Ditch the GUI and Script Everything
Programmers know that checking in code, running test suites, and continuously deploying production code are dull, uninspiring tasks. Get tips on how to automate the boring stuff with productivity hacks from Oracle Developer Champion Sebastian Daschner.

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Bajaj Electricals Illuminates Customers with Chatbots
Bajaj Electricals uses chatbots to provide customer-facing support, including enabling customers to report appliance problems, request a demo, or schedule a service appointment. Chatbots also help the Mumbai-based company lighten the load on call center reps.

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JavaOne Expands with More Tracks, Languages, and Communities—and a New Name
The JavaOne conference is expanding to create a new, bigger event that’s inclusive of more languages, technologies, and developer communities. Expect more talks on Go, Rust, Python, JavaScript, and R, as well as all the Java you’re used to. The new name: Oracle Code One.
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Ventiv Meets SLAs and Reduces Costs with the Cloud
Ventiv Technology has to meet stringent five-nine SLAs for its insurance and retail software. It’s done so by shortening backup and recovery—all while reducing costs.
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