Week of May 28, 2018
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Chuck Hollis
Understand Context and Intent
Cloud services have already shown that they deliver vast time, quality, and cost improvements over traditional IT approaches. But those cloud services are essentially “dumb”—they know very little about their context or intended use. Specialized human skills are still required to put them to work effectively.

A new generation of smart (or autonomous) platform services is redefining this familiar equation. Such services use machine learning to better understand context and intent. As such, more people will be able to easily put these smart cloud services to work, creating even more value across the enterprise. It’s important to understand the sharp differences between dumb cloud services and smart ones and why those differences are so important.

— Chuck Hollis, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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Video: Benetas Gains Real-Time Insights into the Customer Journey
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DocuSign Drives Growth from Cloud Marketing Analytics
DocuSign’s cloud service lets businesses send, sign, manage, and store business agreements. The company uses Oracle Eloqua to see how customers use the platform and understand how best to offer them additional services.
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One-Off Business Payments Get a Shot of Precision
The traditional process of managing employee credit card, check, and bank transfer transactions is resource-intensive. With Virtual Card Number technology, each virtual card embeds purchase information, enabling companies to automate and streamline expense management.
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Five Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Higher Education
Blockchain is writing the next chapter in a long trend of decentralization in higher education. The technology’s transparent, trusted journals can be used to maintain student records, verify credentials, and even provide new learning platforms.

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Top Industry Early Adopters of Autonomous Systems
Automation has transformed complex industries that struggle with scarce resources, narrow profit margins, and ever-expanding product volumes. The next step: autonomous technologies such as driverless vehicles, self-tuning databases, and adaptive robots.

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Myriad IoT Devices Drive Unprecedented Innovation
Companies are deploying large-scale production Internet of Things (IoT) applications that deliver real business value. Here’s how they harness the flood of data from millions of connected devices to achieve specific business goals.
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How the Cloud Helps Banks Become More Competitive
The financial services industry is under pressure to find new ways to grow and secure profits. This challenging new phase in financial technology offers opportunities for innovators to catch up to—and overtake—market leaders.

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ARRIS Uses Cloud to Consolidate Acquisitions
ARRIS, a British firm focusing on entertainment and communications technology, consolidates its acquisitions with the help of the Oracle Cloud suite of applications. That enables ARRIS to move on to finding new growth opportunities.
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