Week of June 4, 2018
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Chris Murphy
Social Robots
Humans and robots are going to be spending a lot more quality time together as robots take on service roles in stores, airports, restaurants, and more. So if we’re all going to get along, robots need “social AI”—artificial intelligence that enables them to understand human emotions from our expressions, voices, and words.

Coming soon is the smart, personal, social robot, like a soul mate,” says Kevin (Sekyong) Song, founder and CEO of the robot maker Future Robot. “That kind of robot has to live in human society, and that’s very difficult.” Future Robot is developing robots with this “social AI” with the help of cloud-based data monitoring, management, and analytics. The company put it all to the test at the recent Winter Olympics, where its robots provided visitors with event schedules and directions—and some entertainment—in four languages.

—Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content
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Video: Aker BP Innovates with Oracle Autonomous Database
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What an Autonomous Database Means to Me
How is the autonomous database, which Oracle launched in March, playing in the real world? Five database pros at this year’s
COLLABORATE18 technology conference share their personal reactions to the technology, discuss the career implications for database pros, and predict where autonomous computing is going.
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When’s a Car Not a Car? When It’s an App
Imagine pulling up to the drive-through lane of your favorite restaurant. The takeout menu pops up on the car’s digital screen—customized to your preferences by adaptive algorithms while payment is handled automatically. These are the kind of services we’ll get in the next wave of the connected car, taking us way beyond today’s ideas of car-to-car or car-to-mechanic links.
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Real-World Tips for Streamlining IT Security Assessments
It’s standard practice for a company to ask tech suppliers to fill out detailed questionnaires about their security practices. Here’s how IT can get all the needed information while staying focused on what really matters and not wasting anyone’s time.
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Build Complex Bot Responses That Work Across Channels
With the rise of chatbots, messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WeChat have become the equivalent of operating systems in client/server computing. New technology abstracts the channel specifics, so developers need to write only once to get their chatbot to work on many channels.
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Nonprofits Take Their Work to New Levels in the Digital Age
Cloud applications are helping even the smallest nonprofits reduce their expenses and boost efficiency. How? By shedding the need to maintain hardware and applications and by automating time-consuming, labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes.
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In the Future, Buildings Will Be Autonomous
From faster construction to better predictive maintenance, landlords can take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning to transform how they operate buildings—saving money and improving occupant satisfaction.
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Dymocks Increases Click-Through Rate on Digital Marketing
Dymocks, Australia’s largest specialty bookseller, uses sentiment optimization to send customers digital communications at the right time. And its cloud marketing platform enables it to send those messages efficiently and track results.
Dymocks Increases Click-Through Rate on Digital Marketing
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