June 2018 Edition
Oracle Cloud
Special Report: Next-Generation Cloud
Special report
This month, Oracle announced its next-generation Oracle Cloud Platform services featuring built-in autonomous capabilities, including Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, and Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. With embedded AI and machine learning, these services automate operational tasks to enable organizations to lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

Here, learn more about Oracle’s next-generation Oracle Cloud Platform services. Plus, find out more about Oracle’s newest cloud offerings, and get highlights from Profit’s spring issue about companies that are using the cloud to disrupt industries and meet rising customer expectations.

Learn about businesses that are innovating and anticipating what’s next.
Big News
A New Model for Better Customer Experience
Oracle’s ESP maturity model creates a framework for transformation based on efficiency, scale, and profit.
Better Customer Experience

How Organizations Can Get Ready for the New Virtual Reality
Autonomous is set to dramatically transform industries. Here’s how your organization can be ready.
New Virtual Reality

Top 5 Industry Early Adopters of Autonomous Systems
For companies in these five industries, it’s now just a matter of when they will adopt AI and autonomous systems, not if.
Autonomous Systems
Highlights from Profit
Raise Your Voice
Companies are benefitting by conversing with customers.
profit 1

When Life Imitates Art
Will AI transcend the human experience?

profit 2

How to Build a Better Chatbot
Following six best practices can help build better bots.
profit 3
Oracle Voice
Oracle Voice
Highlights from Oracle’s blog on

DocuSign Hones Marketing Strategy, Partners for Growth
Using Oracle Cloud, DocuSign creates lead-scoring algorithms that can quickly convert prospects into customers.

Consider These 3 Key Issues When Selecting Cloud Vendors
CFOs must understand the complexity, cost, and risk of cloud system integration when considering vendors.

Mark Hurd on the Perfect Sport for CEOs—and Other Leadership Insights
Oracle’s CEO says the company remains focused on ways that emerging technologies can change the world.
Video still
Disruptors Choose Oracle ERP Cloud
Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud customers Stitch Fix, Solairus Aviation, The Wonderful Company, Carbon, and Pandora are increasing efficiencies and leading innovation in their industries by leveraging emerging technologies.
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Oracle Code One
October 22–25 | San Francisco, California
More Information

The JavaOne conference is expanding to create a new, bigger event, called Oracle Code One, that’s inclusive to more languages, technologies and developer communities. Expect more talks on Go, Rust, Python, JavaScript, SQL, and R along with more of the great Java technical content that developers have come to expect.
About Profit
Spring Cover Image
Profit Spring: Open Road
Mack Trucks’ digital marketing campaign for its Anthem highway tractor is as bold and efficient as the new big rig.

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