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Week of June 25, 2018
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Editor’s Note
Kyle York
Internet Intelligence
The internet is part of your business network. Gone is the time when you could diagram your in-house IT assets, sketch a big blob labeled “cloud,” draw a line between the two, and call it a day. It’s your business’s responsibility—not that of a carrier or a cloud provider or some regulator—to make sure that even if an internet outage or disruption occurs, you and your customers can continue working together.

The good news is, if your company has the right visibility into its network assets, it can prepare for such disruptions. And this free tool can help: Oracle’s Internet Intelligence Map, a website that shows country connectivity updates and shifts in traffic that could impact your business.

Kyle York, general manager of Oracle Dyn
Video: Introducing Oracle’s Internet Intelligence Map
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Tech Legend Sue Black: How to Succeed in Tech
Dr. Sue Black, founder of Techmums, a company that helps working-class women become tech savvy, offers this insight: First, surround yourself with people who care about you and what you want to accomplish. More of her advice for a successful (and fulfilling) career.
Opening the Throttle on Innovation
Yamaha Motor’s newest competition race bike, the YZ450F, packs a Power Tuner app, which helps riders make fueling and ignition-timing changes to optimize the bike’s performance given current track conditions. Cutting-edge information technology will also change Yamaha Motor’s service model.
Can Blockchain Make Food Safer?
When food manufacturers have a contamination outbreak like the recent romaine lettuce crisis, they often struggle to know where the product ended up. But using IoT to track goods, and blockchain to securely share that information along the supply chain, could lower the risk by speeding up the recall process.
The Making of a Modern Bank
In the near future, KeyBank customers will be able to open savings accounts and apply for loans online. Computers will process applications, check credit scores, and open the account or book the loan, freeing up bankers to spend more time helping clients with more nuanced financial decisions. Two more steps to digital modernization.
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Introducing IoT Smart Connected Factory
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