Insights from Oracle Industry Connect 2018
OIC Report
Explore how the digital transformation is reshaping project delivery in engineering, construction and other industries...
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This report provides insights from thought leaders and customers who were part of the Oracle Industry Connect '18 Construction and Engineering program.

Learn more about how project delivery professionals are leveraging technology to transform their organizations, address pressing challenges and positioning for future success.
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Innovation in Focus at Oracle Construction and Engineering
Getting ahead with transformation
Getting ahead with transformation cta-arrow
Watch: McKinsey examines how to drive maximum value using integrated data management and advanced analytics
Dawn of the digital era
Dawn of the digital era cta-arrow
Read: AEC is at an inflection point for technology – how to stay ahead of the curve
The age of digital disruption
The age of digital disruption cta-arrow
Watch: Innovation leaders discuss how they are evolving their business models and learning from other industries
Oracle Construction and Engineering
Transforming project management
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