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Week of July 16, 2018
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Editor’s Note
Jeff Erickson
Five Emerging Tech Trends
It’s time to start thinking of your artificial intelligence algorithm as a representative of your company and to make sure it upholds your company values. That is one of the key points made by the global consulting firm Accenture in a recent forecast of the five technology trends likely to unfold over the next three years.

The report points to business opportunities arising out of advances in virtual reality and augmented reality and the potential benefits of pushing artificial intelligence out into physical objects such as utility grids and industrial equipment. By tapping into emerging technologies with cloud services, says Accenture, companies can now reimagine the way we do business.

— Jeff Erickson, Oracle editor at large
Richard Solari, consulting managing director at Deloitte
Video: Answering the Unknown with Analytics
More Cloud News
Scalable Cloud: The Great Equalizer
That ability to scale up and down at will is perhaps the cloud’s biggest benefit. It gives smaller companies access to technology and talent they could never buy or build on their own. “All the major developments and enhancements and all the best talent in engineering in the world are focused on the public cloud,” says Oracle’s Reggie Bradford. More from Profit magazine.
When Computers Learn About Humans
Oracle’s Chuck Hollis writes that intelligent digital assistants are now poised to show their value in the workplace. These intelligent digital assistants “are adept at making connections across unconnected systems,” much like skilled people will hop from one departmental system to another to get the full picture of a situation.
For Senior-Housing Provider, Attracting Right Employees Is Key
Among Life Care Services’ requirements for a new human resource system: that it be scalable, able to automate paper-intensive HR functions, easy to use, self-service, and cloud-based for easy updates. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud “checked all our boxes,” according to company leadership.
Tech Dive: The New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ansible Modules
As companies deploy more applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, they increasingly want DevOps capabilities to automate these operations. Read how Ansible addresses this growing need, or jump right to the OCI Ansible Modules GitHub repo.
Podcast: The World of Data Management
Listen to Oracle’s Paul Sonderegger discuss evolving data management strategies on the OracleNext podcast via iTunes.
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How an Autonomous Database Creates Opportunity
You can boost innovation, minimize costs, and create new business models that take advantage of cloud-based information.
How Oracle Autonomous Database Creates Opportunity
Five Steps to Digital Transformation: Build the Roadmap
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