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Week of July 23, 2018
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Alan Zeichick
Blockchain Cloud
Real-world uses of blockchain are starting to bubble up—examples include bringing more trust and transparency to supply chain transactions or allowing easier intracompany financial transfers. To turn those ideas into action, though, companies need a production-ready blockchain system, one where developers don’t need to worry about the plumbing of IT infrastructure and don’t have to master the implementation details of complex peer-to-peer protocols.

That’s where the new Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service comes in, with the kind of resilience, recoverability, security, and global reach you need before trusting your financial systems, supply chain and customer experience to blockchain. Developers can design a blockchain network, program the business logic, and integrate blockchain with new and existing applications. And Oracle Cloud handles the operation and security. Blockchain is now fully baked, so bring on the enterprise use cases.

— Alan Zeichick, Oracle director of strategic communications
Blockchain Video
Video: Blockchain: A Technology That Remembers
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Growing Healthcare Firm Turns To Autonomous Tech
Quality Metrics Partners built a healthcare technology platform called CAREiQ database that uses artificial intelligence to improve security, reliability, and performance—and to continually learn from its environment. This has allowed QMP to scale up as it grows much faster than its competitors.
Podcast: How AI Is Rebuilding IT Fundamentals
Listen to Kyle York, vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, discuss how AI is changing technology fundamentals, from IT infrastructure to how the internet routes traffic.
Protect Your Most Precious Asset: Data
Hackers need to be successful only once to break in, which means that businesses must protect themselves with a database that reacts to attacks autonomously—without your IT team having to orchestrate the response to each attack. Built-in self-securing features are just the beginning of what you need from your cloud platform.
Why CIOs Haven’t Mastered the Elusive Economics of Innovation
A big part of the problem continues to be that maintenance of outdated IT architecture requires expensive, complex, labor-intensive heavy lifting. This keeps IT from focusing on what truly matters: the modern digital initiatives that produce a competitive advantage. Cloud-based platforms using machine learning let CIOs accelerate their pace of innovation.
Five Startup CEOs on Their Proven Success Strategies
One important piece of advice: Tap partners to fill critical gaps and scale the business. For Interactive Scientific, participation in the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program gave the education technology company access to tech partners and potential customers it otherwise wouldn’t have met, “which is raising our profile so that top universities want to work with us,” says the CEO, Dr. Becky Sage. Read more details, and more strategies.
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Credit Card Giant Shifts to Cloud, Keeps Control
Rakuten Card is one of Japan’s largest credit card companies, but its IT systems were antiquated, making it too hard to add new products or upgrade the customer experience. Rakuten Card’s fix was moving to the cloud—while still keeping the IT systems inside its own data center.
Rakuten Card Video
Customer Conversations Using Intelligent Chatbots
August 8 | Online

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