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Week of July 30, 2018
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Editor’s Note
Alexa Weber Morales
Advancing Science
Making connections. That’s what’s happening at a molecular level, where “the entire world is constantly in motion,” says Bristol University professor and Interactive Scientific cofounder Dr. David Glowacki. I recently trekked to England for an immersion into Glowacki’s virtual-reality-based molecular framework to make a connection of my own. After playing catch with VR versions of buckminsterfullerene molecules, I talked to Glowacki about how virtual journeys into the molecular level can give middle school students a more intuitive understanding of how chemistry works and could help researchers combat resistance to antimicrobials and understand neurodegenerative disease.

The key to making this VR platform so widely available? Running it on cloud-based infrastructure. It shows the innovation that can happen when researchers, startups, and tech giants connect.

— Alexa Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content
VR Video
Video: Virtual Reality on the Cloud: A ‘Crazy Idea
More Cloud News
Seven Lessons About Machine Learning and IT Monitoring
Lesson #1: Machine learning can improve IT security. Erik Benner, vice president at system integration firm Mythics, used machine-learning-based, autonomous IT monitoring to help his client spot someone granting nonstandard access to a database table. Six other lessons from Benner’s real-world machine learning experience.
Driscoll Turns to Cloud to Feed New Markets
China’s growing demand for domestically produced dairy products has created a huge new hay market opportunity for agricultural giant Driscoll. But the company was slow to respond, because its 20-year-old financial systems weren’t tracking early demand signals. “We were running completely blind,” says Driscoll CFO Ian Weight. Here’s how it increased insight and (consequently) revenue.
Retailers Create Unique Experiences with Advanced Technology
Moleskine’s new commerce engine—a multilanguage, multicurrency, multi-price-list website—lets customers personalize their notebooks and planners, just like they would in a store. Additionally, Moleskine is partnering with tech companies such as Adobe to develop innovations including a tool that transfers pen strokes to a digital device in real time. How other retailers are succeeding.
Podcast: How AGI Uses Data to Prevent Satellite Collisions
Oracle editor Alan Zeichick tells the story behind his recent Forbes article “How Satellites Avoid Attacks and Space Junk While Circling the Earth.”
The Right Growth Mindset for SMBs
Smaller companies don’t have to deal with big legacy systems that can be difficult to change. “They are digital natives, so they can sign right up for cloud systems that will help them with all aspects of their business,” says Oracle Global Director of Consumer Markets Mario Vollbracht. How to set the right priorities.
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Exelon Powers Agility and Enhances CX with Oracle Utilities
The nation’s leading utility and power generation company is moving to one customer platform and away from multiple customer systems from its acquisitions. That move will let it provide a better customer experience—and tap innovations such as chatbots coming from Oracle.
Exelon Video
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Announcement with Larry Ellison
August 7 | Online

Customer Conversations Using Intelligent Chatbots
August 8 | Online

Drive Business Value with a More Sustainable Supply Chain
August 9 | Online

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