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Week of August 6, 2018
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Editor’s Note
Jeff Erickson
New Autonomous Transaction Processing
Here’s the problem: Executives greenlight a big project, and developers are raring to work on it, but it takes days or weeks for IT to launch a database to get started. Or developers dive in with a hamstrung cloud database that will never meet the performance and cost standards you’ll need in production.

Here’s the fix: Oracle is launching Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service, which enables you to order up all the power of Oracle Database, tuned for online transaction processing, and it’s ready to use in minutes. Autonomous means that it patches, tunes, and continuously secures itself without human intervention, cutting cost, risk, and human errors. Databases, and the work of DBAs who maintain them, simply won’t be the same. Get the details in my post on The Oracle Blog.

— Jeff Erickson, Oracle Editor at Large
VR Video
Video: The Self-Driving Era Arrives for Transactional Databases
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blockchain innovators
What Will Spark the Blockchain Explosion?
Research firm IDC predicts that worldwide spending on blockchain systems will reach US$2.1 billion this year. To become valuable, however, blockchain must be integrated with back-office applications—“and those integrations are hard,” says Oracle’s Mark Rakhmilevich. Here’s how the early blockchain innovators are finding success.
a robust talent inventory
Help Wanted: Designers, Engineers, and Polar Bear Specialists
Among the 22,000 people who work for Stantec, a global architecture and engineering firm, are skateboard park designers, skyscraper architects, and wildlife biologists. Maintaining “a robust talent inventory” for this wild workforce was the #1 reason Stantec needed a new HR system.
Autonomous Database
Podcast: Autonomous Database and the Changing Role of DBAs
What do new database technologies such as autonomous mean for the career prospects of DBAs? Longtime Oracle editor Jeff Erickson shares the strategies he’s hearing from DBAs.
Cloud Supply Chain Management
Unlock Value with Cloud Supply Chain Management
In IDC’s 2018 Supply Chain Survey, 75 percent of the respondents said the cloud is a critical element of delivering supply chain excellence both today and into the future. What else did it reveal?
Digital Platforms
Why All Banks Must Become Digital Platforms
Banking, wealth, and insurance services are being deconstructed by fintechs on cloud computing platforms and delivered to people’s mobile devices. This resulting increased competition may be great for consumers, but it’s forcing incumbent financial services companies to defend their business models. For traditional institutions to succeed, they must “act with a sense of urgency,” says Oracle’s Mark Smedley.
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Test-Drive Oracle Cloud Platform: Up to 3,500 Free Hours
Could cloud tools solve your current headaches? Here’s a no-risk way to find out: Free trials of cloud services including database, compute, blockchain, IoT, big data, API management, integration, chatbots, and more. They’re online and ready for your production-scale workloads.
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Emerging Tech Is a Key Benefit of Cloud
“New advancements being made in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of the Things all pose great opportunities for us as those technologies evolve,” says Richard Scheitler, CIO of The Wonderful Company. See how moving to a single ERP cloud platform helped the company seize these opportunities.
The Wonderful Company Video
Intro to IoT: Cloud-Connected Gizmos
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