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M Harrist
Cloud migrations are most often slowed or stalled by three powerful forces, so it’s crucial for executives and project leaders to be aware of these common pitfalls.

First, many organizations overestimate their data needs, resulting in an unnecessarily cumbersome data migration challenge, says Beth Boettcher, senior vice president of Oracle’s North American Application Consulting Group. Second, employees have trouble letting go of the business processes they know—and focus on that change rather than the business outcomes the company is trying to achieve with a move to the cloud. Third, the big changes the cloud brings to IT are often seen as a threat to jobs rather than an opportunity to be more innovative. More from Boettcher on how to overcome these forces.

Margaret Harrist, Oracle Content Strategist
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FEMSA Logistica Manages 4,000 Trucks a Day with Cloud
Larry Ellison
Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison has announced the availability of Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service, the second of Oracle’s cloud-based autonomous database services. “Oracle Autonomous Database now handles all of your workloads,” Ellison says. “All of them.” Learn how autonomous databases lower costs, improve security, and enable tech talent to focus on more-creative work.
Four AI
Four AI Use Cases That Don’t Require a Data Scientist
Business and tech leaders worry that their company is missing out on the coming AI revolution because they don’t have the deep tech skills to put it to use. “I tell them that getting real value from AI, and from its related discipline of machine learning, doesn’t have to be that hard,” writes Oracle Cloud Platform’s Siddhartha Agarwal. Learn about AI-driven analytics and three other important use cases that don’t require PhD-level data science.
Podcast: Solving the Right HR Problems
How do you evaluate your human resources processes? First, according to the leadership at manufacturer Wagstaff, you should ask, “What are we doing exactly, and why are we doing it this way?” Find out what Oracle editor Rob Preston learned from a 71-year-old family-owned company that recently migrated to the cloud.
Financial Institutions Bank on Blockchain
Banks in continental Europe and the UK have been piloting blockchain for payments, settlement, and other applications. For example, a major bank and an industrial company in Germany recently replicated a €500,000 (US$585,000) foreign currency transaction with blockchain, showing how the cryptoledger could be used to reduce risk.
Business School
Business School Is Graduating to Cloud to Unify Data
At Spain’s 60-year-old Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa, each department and campus held its own student, financial, and other data—and those systems didn’t communicate. So IESE began migrating its core financial applications to the cloud. The goal: create one global view that works in multiple languages across multiple countries.
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Oracle Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board Larry Ellison marked a major milestone in the company’s autonomous strategy with the availability of the latest Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service.
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