October 2019 Edition Oracle Developer Community Newsletter
Dear Developer Partner Community
Oracle OpenWorld 2019 was a huge success. Thanks for spending the week with us in San Francisco. Keynotes are available on-demand and presentations in the session catalog. Thanks for the nice summaries from Debra, Sven, John, Michel, Paul, Eduardo and Lucas. One of the highlights is the always free cloud service. We are locking forward to get your feedback & experience & blog post on the services and applications you run on it! Besides many updated cloud services like Oracle Integration, Digital Assistant or Content & Experience Cloud Service a new release of Fusion Middleware 12c including WebLogic and development tools is available. During the conference Oracle unvield the new branding which including a new mission statement. Many of you took the opportunity to give Mary Beth Raven feedback & input during the last PaaS Partner Community Forum. In case you didn’t make it to San Francisco attend our upcoming Community Webcast October 29th with the latest SaaS Integration updates. To become a certified integration expert attend our free 3 days hands-on Integration Bootcamps in Reading, Singapore, Mumbai, Reston, Chicago and as a Virtual Class.

Watch Lonneke Dikmans from eProseed how they created a participation app to increase the involvement of citizens in decisions made by municipalities. The solution consists of a mobile JET app for voting on topics and a backend to store the votes using Blockchain and OpenID Connect. We want to promote also your customer success, submit your story via the customer reference program.

We would like to welcome all Brazilian Developer in our new Sao Paulo Meetup Group. You want to attend a local Oracle Developer Meetup across the world? Visit our Meetup overview page here.

Congratulations to our partner SPS in Mexico. The team designed a chatbot to support PROFUTURO's customer service, a private financial institution focused on the generation of funds for the retirement of Mexican workers who hire their services. PROFUTURO enabled a new digital communication channel for its customers in the face of a growing demand for its services, taking advantage of the use of technology, to ensure better quality, faster times and responsiveness in customer service. Read the complete customer success story here. As a Chatbot expert you can now become a certified Digital Assistant 2019 Associate.

The latest WebLogic Server version is available on-premises. You can run WebLogic everywhere in the Oracle Cloud or even on Azure
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our key monthly information watch the Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The October edition highlights Oracle OpenWorld and the new Oracle Digital Assistant certification. This month’s community webcast will be an update SaaS Integration by Jon Huang. Join our PaaS Partner Community Webcast October 29th 2019.
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Community Resources
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Oracle OpenWorld 2019
Thanks for spending the week with many partners at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. For an excellent summery please read the blog posts from:
Debra’s 2019 Oracle Open World San Francisco
Sven’s Oracle Open World Wrap up: Autonomous Cloud platform to built intelligent Cloud Native apps
Lucas Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld 2019 – Larry Ellison’s Key-Notes
John’s Redstone at OpenWorld
Michel’s OOW2019 report
Paul’s 10 Things we Learned from Oracle OpenWorld 2019
Eduardo’s OOW19 - News in integration space

Keynotes on-demand
In case you missed the Oracle OpenWorld keynotes watch them on-demand here:
Cloud Platform and Middleware Strategy and Roadmap (32:56) Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle
Fusion Cloud Applications (1:03:24): Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld 2019
Gen 2 Cloud: Autonomous Infrastructure (1:06:33) Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle
Oracle Cloud: A Path and Platform (56:55) Steve Daheb, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud, Oracle
Watch keynotes on-demand here

Partner Advisory Council keynote presentation
With more than 150 attendees from 23 countries the Oracle Cloud Platform Partner Advisory Council was a huge success.
Keynote presentations from Andrew Mendelsohn, Suhas Uliyar, Ian Reed, Ed Zou and Jürgen Kress are available at the PaaS Community Workspace (membership required).
Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Released
We are proud to announce the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Software is now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC) and My Oracle Support (MOS), and will be available shortly on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

This release includes the following products:

• Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (
• Oracle Coherence 12c (
• Oracle TopLink 12c (
• Oracle Traffic Director 12c (

Here is the related information for these releases:
• Product Download (OTN, OSDC, MOS)
• Certification (OTN, My Oracle Support - MOS)
Useful Support Note
Oracle Fusion Middleware page on OTN cta-arrow
Integrate SaaS hands-on Bootcamps in Bangalore, Reading, Singapore, Mumbai, Reston, Chicago and as a Virtual Class
Oracle Product Management is pleased to invite Oracle Partners to attend a 3-days hands-on workshop on how to integrate with ERP & HCM applications using Oracle Integration Cloud. This Invite-Only hands-on workshop will be delivered at No-Fee to Partners. It will consist of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs.
Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) offers Integration, Process Automation and Visual design capabilities that help business analysts and IT specialists to automate end to end business processes across departments. Oracle Integration Cloud offers a simple recipe to be successful in this application integration and process automation journey: Build, Integrate and Engage.

Bangalore, India September 23rd-25th 2019
Reading UK October 9th-11th 2019
Virtual web training November 4th-6th 2019
Reston, USA November 5th-7th 2019
Singapore November 11th-13th 2019
Mumbai, India November 25th-27th 2019
Chicago, USA December 17th-19th 2019
Please visit the registration page cta-arrow
Integrate & Innovate SaaS Oracle OpenWorld 2019 Update – PaaS Partner Community Webcast October 29th 2019
Attend our October edition of the PaaS Partner Community Webcast live on October 29th 2019 16:30 CET.
Integration to applications is dramatically simplified by the use of application adapters that eliminate the complexity associated with web services and other connectivity methods. Simplify your integration to connect with virtually any application, service, or data store. Oracle offers a library of these adapters to provide you with a standardized way to rapidly connect the various protocols required by each application vendor. In addition to application connectors for CX, ERP, and HCM, there are database, productivity, social, RPA, and technology adapters. For more information please visit the website here.

Presenter: Jon Huang, Senior Director Product Management
Register for the webcast here cta-arrow
Also, take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
bullet Digital Assistant Update
bullet SOA Cloud Service
bullet Integrate ERP Cloud
bullet PaaS Overview Webcast
bullet Process Cloud Service Update
bullet Integrate HCM Cloud
bullet Functions and Cloud Native
bullet Cloud trials & community update
bullet Oracle Integration Cloud Update
bullet Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Preview
bullet Innovate, Extend and Integrate SaaS Overview and Pricing
bullet Robotic Process Automation
bullet Autonomous Mobile Cloud
bullet PaaS Overview Webcast
bullet Blockchain
PaaS Partner YouTube Update October 2019
PaaS Partner YouTube Update March 2019
The October video includes three topics:
• Oracle OpenWorld
• New certifications
• Integrate SaaS Webcast

For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
Watch the video here cta-arrow
PaaS Partner Success Video: Lonneke Dikmans, eProseed: Leveraging Oracle Cloud to realize a digital municipality
eProseed has created a participation app to increase the involvement of citizens in decisions made by municipalities. The solution consists of a mobile JET app for voting on topics and a backend to store the votes using Blockchain and OpenID Connect. For more information please visit the solution catalog.
We want to promote your customer success! Have you implemented successful a solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Submit your success story via the customer reference program.
Watch the video cta-arrow
It’s back – Partner Immersion for FY20!
Experience first-hand Oracle’s Sales Training
Partner Immersion is back and better than ever. Align yourself with Oracle’s sales strategy, learn to pitch the “Why Oracle, Why Now” declaration, as well as how to answer the question most commonly asked by our customers: “How do I transform my organization?
Immersion is an on-demand learning experience that equips you with the same Oracle laser-focused sales training and messaging delivered to internal sales consultants at the start of each new fiscal year.
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New 2019 Implementation Certifications
Enablement and certification is key to cloud success.
At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additional we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for:
Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2019 Associate (1Z0-1071)
Oracle Cloud Platform Application Development 2019 Associate I 1Z0-1043
Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1042
Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1041
Oracle Cloud Platform Content and Experience 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1040
Oracle Competence Center cta-arrow
Developer Tools Section
Digital Assistant success story by SPS   
SPS is a Mexican company based in Mexico City, this year we were awarded by Oracle as Partner of the Year in Latin America and Worldwide in Emerging Technologies for the implementation of a digital assistant, using oracle technologies. The solution was designed to support PROFUTURO's customer service, a private financial institution focused on the generation of funds for the retirement of Mexican workers who hire their services. PROFUTURO enabled a new digital communication channel for its customers in the face of a growing demand for its services, taking advantage of the use of technology, to ensure better quality, faster times and responsiveness in customer service. Achieving with it reduce the waiting time of attention to its users, in addition to allowing them to enable the capacity of self-service, for some of their most requested operations.

Use case
PROFUTURO is in a process of digital transformation and an important objective on this process was offering new customer attention channels and producing better experiences for their users. Their business is the management of retirement pensions. Their customers usually have financial doubts about contributions or retirement plans that can only be resolved by qualified personnel with specialized knowledge of the business. In addition, customers usually ask for information about their balance account and due dates, so they need to call to an agent who verify their identities and search information using his IT solutions. Previously, customers had to wait around 4 minutes to be attended at the call center with an average service time of 12 minutes because PROFUTURO has a limited number of specialized personnel for this task. In addition, your team only works during business hours and is not available to respond at all times of the day. In this context, PROFUTURO decided to take advantage of the emerging technology of chatbots to improve customer service by offering a new communication channel that responds immediately to their questions at any time of the day. To achieve this goal, SPS built a digital assistant and trained it using the knowledge of the PROFUTURO specialized staff. Now, this intelligent chatbot helps customers in a timely manner.

To create new successful digital products requires the application of other disciplines such as UX and Design Thinking. SPS applies these principles in all its projects, SPS supported PROFUTURO from the process of discovering innovation to the final implementation of the product. In addition, our company has experience in the use of ORACLE technology on business projects, so we were able to offer PROFUTURO the best practices in the implementation of chatbots technology. The appropriate application of the technology and the user-centered design allowed the successful implementation of PROFUTURO digital assistant.
Read the complete article here. cta-arrow
A First Look at Oracle Functions by Ivar Grimstad
Oracle launches AI voice assistant for its business app suite by Matthew Finnegan
During its OpenWorld event this week, the company also unveiled plans to have its Digital Assistant integrate with Microsoft’s Teams collaboration platform.
Oracle has added AI voice commands to its Digital Assistant, offering users an alternative way to interact with its various business apps. The company on Tuesday also announced that the bot will integrate with Microsoft’s work stream collaboration platform, Teams., Oracle Wercker
How to use the System.OauthAccountLink component to perform authorized access to protected REST endpoints (Facebook Example) by Frank Nimphius
OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorization) is the standard protocol for token-based authorization. It allows clients (such as chatbots) to access protected resources on behalf of a resource owner without passing the resource owner's credentials with the request.
Chatbots created with Oracle Digital Assistant integrate with remote back-end systems through custom components that invoke REST services. For custom components to access protected REST endpoints, some sort of authorization must be passed in the request header.
Invoke Oracle Functions via REST by Ralf Mueller
System.Webview Supports Images in Oracle Digital Assistant 19.1.5 and Later by Frank Nimphius
Adding webviews to your skill allows it support structured data input through UI elements like forms, date pickers, fields, and LOVs. In Oracle Digital Assistant, the web apps that are delivered within the chat as webviews are single-page apps (SPAs).
A new feature added to Oracle Digital Assistant 19.1.5 is the ability to add images to the System.WebView UI, turning your user interface from this.
Configuring a WebLogic Data Source to use ATP by Mark Nelson
Access And Read Objects In An Array By Their Index Position In The Array by Frank Nimphius
When working with real data, objects typically contain more content (attributes) than being displayed on a map or in a list within a bot conversation. Skills in Oracle Digital Assistant obtain access to live data to display through custom components saving the data as an object, or an array of objects into a dialog flow variable. For example, the menu of pastas shown in the image below does not contain information about carbonate, calories, protein and salt.
Writing a Serverless Saga - in code by Ewan Slater
Building a docker image and pushing it to the Docker hub using Oracle Developer Cloud  by Lonneke Dikmans
Oracle Developer Cloud offers some powerful features to automate your build and deployment process to support CI/CD (continuous integration/ continuous delivery)
The nice part is that you don't have to use the Oracle docker registry or git repository (although you can of course), you can use Github repositories and Docker hub.

This post describes how I built and pushed my docker image with a node.js backend to docker hub, fetching the code from Github.
You need the following to follow the steps in this blog:
1. Github account with a repository containing an application. Note that you could also build any type of docker image, but my examples I assume node.js
Serverless Jenkins Pipelines with Fn Project by Carlos Sanchez
Basics of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Services by Ankur Jain
Oracle Visual Builder is a cloud based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a hosted environment for our application development infrastructure. Oracle Visual Builder is a visual and declarative cloud environment for developing and hosting engaging mobile and web applications.
Oracle VBCS allows to access data from any REST, SOAP based API and allows to create custom reusable business object to store and manage data. Without the need of any software, VBCS allows us to develop and test the responsive web applications and native mobile applications. The visual designer allows us to quickly create a web and mobile applications by dragging and dropping the rich UI components.
Conversational UI with Oracle Digital Assistant
Navigation between pages in Oracle VB CS application by Ankur Jain
While developing a web site it is common to have multiple pages and navigate between from one page to another on some event. This is called navigation between pages. In VBCS application each pages are part of at-least one flow. A flow named main and a page named main-start is created by default when we create an application. The main flow and its nested flows can each contain multiple pages.
Let’s move ahead and see how to create navigation between pages.
Combining FaaS functions
How to call OIC REST API in VBCS (VBCS -> OIC) by Ankur Jain
In this article, I’m going to show a beautiful use case which I encounter in my project. In this article, I’ll show how to call OIC REST service from VBCS.
Some useful links
Basics of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Services
Create a simple web application: Visual Builder Cloud Service(VBCS)
In this article, we will execute the below use case:
• Create an OIC REST service which accepts the file, JSON payload(First Name, Last Name) as input parameters and returns the JSON response(Greeting)
• Create Service connection in VBCS application which is used to call REST API
Combining FaaS functions
Running Oracle JET in Oracle Cloud Free Tier by Andrej Baranovskij
OOW'19 stands up from recent years OOW conferences with important announcement - Oracle Cloud Free Tier offering. This offering includes two free DB instances and two free compute VM instances. What else you could wish for the side and hobby projects? This is a strong move by Oracle and it should boost Oracle Cloud. Read more about it in Oracle Cloud Free Tier page.
It was interesting to test how to deploy Oracle JET app to Oracle Always Free instance of compute VM. I will not go through the initial steps, related how to create VM instance and enable internet access (for the port 80). You can read all that in a nice write up from Dimitri Gielis post.
Combining FaaS functions
Using Web Worker for Long Tasks in Oracle JET by Andrej Baranovskij
JavaScript app runs in a single thread. This means if there is a long-running resource-intensive operation - the thread will be blocked and the page will stay frozen until operation completes. Obviously, this is not user-friendly and such behavior should be avoided. We can use Web Workers, through Web Workers we could run long-running operations in separate threads, without blocking the main thread. Code running in Web Worker doesn't have access to UI DOM, this means logic coded in Web Worker should operate with logic which is not directly related to UI.
Combining FaaS functions
Oracle JET - How To Reference JavaScript Module in HTML by Andrej Baranovskij
I will explain how to reference JavaScript module function in Oracle JET HTML. In previous Oracle JET versions, we were using $root to access parent appController module. Syntax $root looks a bit like magic, it is better to reference module through a predefined variable. I will show you how.
Combining FaaS functions
Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF Now Available by Shay Shmeltzer
We are happy to announce the release of the new Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF - version This is part of the overall Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products that has been released today. You can download them here - JDeveloper / ADF.
You'll find many new features in all the layers of Oracle ADF in both the design and runtime behaviors. Here is a quick overview of some of these new features:
Oracle ADF Faces
The focus here was on moving more logic to the client to reduce network trips between your browser and server. In addition we added several features that optimize running ADF Faces interfaces across devices in different sizes.
Application Development Section
Zero Code Testing Framework
MicroProfile Metrics in Helidon 1.3 by Santiago Pericas-Geertsen
Helidon 1.3 is out and the big news here is support for MicroProfile 3.0. This new version of MP includes a newer version of the Metrics API. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, this new Metrics 2.0 API is not backwards compatible with earlier versions.
Here is a summary of some of the non-compatible changes introduced:
• Counters are now always monotonic
• A new metric, concurrent gauges, exist to provide similar semantics to the old counters
• Metadata is now an interface and a newMetadataBuilder class is provided
• MetricID is the way to identify a metric and can be decorated with tags which are no longer part of Metadata
Best Practices and Tips for Conversational Design
Long Running Actions for MicroProfile on Helidon… Data Integrity for Microservices by Paul Parkinson
Microservices create challenges for data consistency and integrity that necessitate changes in the transaction processing and data patterns used by them.
Traditional systems rely on two-phase commit and XA protocols that use synchronous communication, locking of resources, and recovery via rollback (or commit as the case may be). While this provides strong consistency and isolation it does not scale well in a microservices environment due to the latency of held locks and, therefore, is suitable for only a small subset of such use cases (generally those with lower throughput requirements)
Oracle Digital Assistant
Oracle WebLogic Server available by Dirk Nachbar
Since today the new Oracle WebLogic Server is available for download :-)
Currently I was just able to find the download under
But I hope that the Oracle WebLogic Server will be soon available under Oracle Technical Resources (former OTN)
The documentation is already available here
As this WebLogic is mainly a PatchSet, there are not so many new features, checkout the "What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server"
Oracle Digital Assistant
Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS by Jacob Thomas
We are pleased to announce another aspect of the partnership between Oracle and Microsoft.
In early June 2019, Oracle and Microsoft announced their cloud interoperability partnership.
We are now announcing another key piece in that story: Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS.
In addition to the exciting work on the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator and Coherence Kubernetes Operator, the WebLogic team at Oracle is hard at work creating several interoperating Azure ARM templates and corresponding Azure Marketplace Offers to cover the most common needs of deploying WebLogic Server to IaaS resources on Microsoft Azure.
Oracle Bots Nodes
Deploying an Oracle WebLogic Domain on a Kubernetes cluster using Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator by Marc Lameriks
At the Oracle Partner PaaS Summer Camp IX 2019 in Lisbon, held at the end of August, I followed a 5 day during workshop called “Modern Application Development with Oracle Cloud”. In this workshop, on day 4, the topic was “WebLogic on Kubernetes”.
At the Summer Camp we used a free Oracle Cloud trial account.
On day 4, I did a hands-on lab in which an Oracle WebLogic Domain was deployed on an Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) cluster using Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator.
Additional Content Developer Partner Community
bullet Announcing Java 13: News from Oracle Code One 2019
bullet Oracle Functions: Using Key Management To Encrypt And Decrypt Configuration Variables by Todd Sharp
bullet Storing Image Files in Your Database from a Visual Builder App by Shay Shmeltzer
bullet Introduction to the New ODA Conversation Designer by Frank Nimphius
bullet Tired Of Apps? Try Implementing Digital Assistants by Gustavo Gonzalez
bullet Intelligent Content Platform: Built to Innovate by Lee Ribeiro
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My private Corner – Oracle Data Management at OpenWorld 2019
My private Corner – prepare the demo!
When I started my Oracle career in 2001 Oracle started in the applications business and to explore middleware as the company is built on the successful database business. As part of my introduction bootcamp Andrew Sutherland gave as an overview in relational database technology. I would have never dreamed to share the Oracle conference center stage with Andy Mendelson head of the database business at Oracle.
It was an honor to summarize his Data Management keynote at the Oracle Cloud Platform Partner Advisory Council. Yes he did overrun his session by almost twice the time and I was the timekeeper... Andy Mendelson gave the partner community a heads of his Oracle OpenWorld 2019 announcements including the free tier. As Oracle’s mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities, it’s time to explore new technologies like integration & orchestration of functions & microservices, digital assistants, a journey like a dynamic process.
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