December 2019 Edition Oracle PaaS Partner Community Newsletter
Dear PaaS Partner Community,
We published the first hands-on SaaS Integration Bootcamps for 2020. Locations include Chicago, Mexico City, Chennai and a virtual class, additional locations will be announced in the community training calendar (membership required). To become a certified expert attend the Oracle Application Integration Cloud Sales Specialist (free) and Oracle Application Integration Cloud Platform for Solution Engineer (free) online training and after you attended a hands-on Bootcamp take the Oracle Application Integration Cloud 2019 Associate exam.

Watch John Sim how JSECOIN Oracle's Chatbot answers cryptocurrency questions. Anyone with a web browser or website can now mine cryptocurrency. ... Accept cryptocurrency payments online with simple to setup "Buy with crypto" buttons. For more information please visit We want to promote also your customer success, submit your story via the customer reference program.

Oracle Integration is recognized by Ovum as a leader for Hybrid Integration Platforms. A great example of this success is the CooP implementation by our partner Capgemini. Read this customer success story Help Wanted: How A Grocer Finds Workers Willing To ‘Do It All’ With A Smile in Forbes. The latest version of Oracle Integration is now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2.

In the process & innovation section Jan published an article about Auto-Mapping Elements in the Data Mapper and Marcel three new Jarvis Pizzeria articles: Input and Output Storage of Decision Model Invokes & Managing DM Masterdata Validity Period & XSLT parameters that are not found but are being used?
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our key monthly information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The December edition highlights the resources to become a certified Oracle Integration Expert and our Slack channel to support you! This month’s you have the opportunity to watch all community webcasts free on-demand.

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Community Announcements
Integrate SaaS hands-on Bootcamps in Chicago, Mexico City Chennai and as a Virtual Class
SaaS Hands On Bootcamps
Do you want to find out why Gartner named Oracle as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for three years in row? Are you able to innovate quickly in the new digital world? Are you looking for ways to integrate systems and data faster using a modern cloud integration platform? Attend the Oracle Integration Bootcamp, a three days hands-on training for Oracle partners! 

Chicago, USA December 17th-19th 2019
Virtual web training January 7th-9th 2020
Mexico City, Mexico February 11th-13th 2020
Chennai, India February 24th-26th 2020
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Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts 
Thanks for attending our monthly community webcasts. Every monthly a speaker from the Oracle product management teams presents the latest updates on the Oracle Cloud Platform. As it’s Christmas time, take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
bullet Integrate SaaS
bullet Digital Assistant Update
bullet SOA Cloud Service
bullet PaaS Overview Webcast
bullet Process Cloud Service Update
bullet Integrate ERP Cloud
bullet Integrate HCM Cloud 
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PaaS Partner YouTube Update December 2019
PaaS Partner
The December video includes three topics:
• Become a certified Oracle Integration Expert
• Slack channel to support you
• Free on-demand Community webcast

For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
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PaaS Partner Success Video: John Sim JSECOIN Oracle's Chatbot answers cryptocurrency questions.
PaaS Partner Success
JSECOIN implemented a chatbot to answer customer’s question via their website and social media. Which improves customer satisfaction and allows the startup to focus on new features for their cryptocurrency.
We want to promote your customer success! Have you implemented successful a solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Submit your success story via the customer reference program.
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New 2019 Implementation Certifications
Enablement and certification is key to cloud success.
At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additional we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for:
bullet Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1042
bullet Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2019 Associate (1Z0-1071)
bullet Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1041
bullet Oracle Cloud Platform Content and Experience 2019 Associate | 1Z0-1040
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Integration Section
Help Wanted: How A Grocer Finds Workers Willing To ‘Do It All’ With A Smile by Linda Currey
To work in Britain’s Co-op food stores, employees have to do a little bit of everything during any given shift. To keep the Co-op convenience stores and neighborhood markets running smoothly, staffers may accept deliveries, unpack boxes of groceries, flowers, and household items, stock the shelves, clean up spills, or run the registers, all while welcoming customers. New hires need the qualifications to do it all.
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Why did Ovum name Oracle a leader in Hybrid Integration Platforms and why is it important? By Daryl Eicher
Integration is the lifeblood of today’s digital
economy... Looking for practical ways to accelerate your digital business development? Do you have a mix of SaaS and on-premises business systems from multiple vendors? What would it mean to your application modernization and transformation projects if you could cut your time to connect and extend any application from months to minutes? That's what Oracle Integration has done for thousands of connected businesses like yours. 
Integrations leveraging Process
Oracle Integration now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen 2 by Niall Commiskey
Since last week, new Oracle Cloud accounts can create OIC instances on OCI Gen2. The step by step creation instructions are available here. So what does Gen2 give me? I will go into more details in a future post - but, to begin with –
1. OCI Gen2 Compartments - create your OIC instance in your own compartment for administrative Lifecycle Mgt isolation.
2. OOTB integration with OCI services such as Events, Functions, Streaming and Notification.
3. OIC integration in OCI One Console 
Migrating from ICS4SaaS to OIC4SaaS
Calling JD Edwards Orchestrations from Oracle Integration: Quickly and Easily by Prakash Masand
JD Edwards orchestrations empowers army of citizen developers/business analyst resources to design business applications REST APIs without writing a single line of code. JD Edwards orchestrations exposes business process steps tied together graphically through the robust semantics of REST standards. JD Edwards orchestrations are great way to simplify, integrate and automate repeated tasks through digital technologies. JD Edwards orchestrations are executed at AIS Server however they are designed via a tool called as Orchestrator studio, with JD Edwards tools release, Orchestrator studio is also part of AIS Server that further simplifies deployment of Orchestrator studio.
Bulk Recovery
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter in OIC by Ankur Jain
The Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter enables you to integrate the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database with Oracle Integration through use of direct connectivity. Use the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter to execute SQL queries or stored procedures in the Oracle database.
French Articles Sanae Bekkar
OIC SOA Suite Adapter available as feature flag by Niall Commiskey
The feature flag is called - oic.cloudadapter.adapters.soaadapter This can be activated on your OIC environment via an SR. Example to follow. Just downloading the latest and greatest SOA Suite version from here. That was quick - SOA Suite Quick Start downloaded and configured/started within 30 minutes.
SOA on Kubernets
Oracle Integration Cloud Navigation Walkthrough by Ankur Jain
Oracle Integration Cloud Navigation Walkthough video will help you to understand the different screen provided by OIC. This post might be interested for all who is just jumping into the Oracle Integration Cloud and struggling to learn Oracle Integration Cloud. When you start OIC, you will see lots of screen which might difficult for you to understand initially. Here is the video for you which will help you to understand each and every screen in OIC.
SOA on Kubernets
OIC - CPQ Integration by Niall Commiskey
Here is a short introduction to the OIC CPQ adapter. As a pre-requisite, I suggest you read the Oracle CPQ Cloud - Service descriptions It is available here. Now back to the OIC CPQ adapter - A short introduction from the adapter docs - available here.
SOA on Kubernets
OIC - CPQ Integration part II by Niall Commiskey
Before looking more deeply at how one integrates with CPQ, let's look at the product itself - CPQ in 5 minutes... CPQ has its own scripting tool - BML – BML (BigMachines Extensible Language) is a scripting tool that is used to capture a company's complex business logic within CPQ Cloud Configuration and Commerce. More in-depth info in the CPQ eBook - available here.
SOA on Kubernets
Using the next generation Activity Stream by Mamta Sangwan
For debugging an instance or check payload in an instance, user had to use Audit Trail and Tracing on Tracking details screen. Since the information was scattered at two places, user had to keep switching between them to get the complete picture of the Instance. With this new Activity Stream, we are clubbing Audit Trail with Tracing information and showing more compact and easily readable Activity Stream.
SOA on Kubernets
Oracle Integration Cloud REST Adapter capabilities by Ankur Jain
Oracle Integration Cloud REST Adapter video will help you to understand about REST Adapter capabilities and limitations. This post might be interested for all who is just jumping into the Oracle Integration Cloud and want to understand how REST adapter works and how to create REST connection with the help of REST adapter in OIC. Here is the video for you which will help you to understand REST adapter in OIC. 
SOA on Kubernets
Simplified OAuth Config for Oracle Integration Cloud REST API using Postman! By Manish Kumar Gupta
This blog will be discussing very specific use case requirement which is more developer oriented and providing a quicker and efficient solution to invoke Oracle Integration REST API using OAuth access_token for testing purpose.
SOA on Kubernets
API Management for Cloud Native Development by Robert Wunderlich
We’re pleased to announce the Limited Availability (LA) release of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway service.
This service is a highly available, fully managed gateway that enables developers to create governed HTTP/S interfaces for other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, including Oracle Functions, Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Compute.
SOA on Kubernets
Notifications from Oracle API Platform Cloud Service by Phil Wilkins
There are circumstances in which notifications from the Oracle API Platform CS could be seen as desirable. For example, if you wish to ensure that the developers are defining good APIs and not accidentally implementing APIs that hit the OWASP Top 10 for APIs. Then you will probably configure things such that developer users can design the APIs, configure the policies, but only request an API to be deployed.
SOA on Kubernets
API Platform – Developer Portal Delegated Authentication by Phil Wilkins
The API Platform when you configure IDCS to provide the option to authenticate users against a corporate Identity Provider such as Active Directory will automatically update the Management Portal Login screen accordingly. However today it doesn’t automatically update the Developer Portal login page. Whilst perhaps an oversight, it is very easy to fix manually when you know how.
Business Process Management & Innovation Section
Jarvis Pizzeria
Jarvis Pizzeria: Input and Output Storage of Decision Model Invokes by Marcel van de Glind
In this blog we describe a way to store the Input and Output of Decision Model Invokes (in JSON format). From an administrative point of view, we at Jarvis believe it is important that we can always see how we have achieved certain results. In this case this means that we want to know with which variables the Decision Model was invoked and what the outcomes were. How we do this is subject of this blog.
OIC Force Dehydration
Jarvis Pizzeria: Managing DM Masterdata Validity Period by Marcel van de Glind
In a previous blog we described how to retrieving the masterdata from a VBCS Business Object. In this blog we will expand this further with a validity period for the masterdata. Now let’s expand our scenario (see previous blog) a little further. Currently, one of the means of transport in the Decision model is a bike. Many bikes in the Netherlands are currently being replaced by an electrically powered version. Jarvis Pizzeria will also replace regular bikes with electric bikes from the new year. The change must also be implemented in the system (read Decision Model).
Jarvis Pizzeria Blog Refresh
OIC Process: Auto-Mapping Elements in the Data Mapper by Jan Kettenis 
When mapping data in the Oracle Integration Cloud (or OIC for short) you sometimes discover that elements you want to map from are not always available as a source on the left-hand side. As I recently found out (thank you Eduardo Chiocconi!) that does not necessarily mean that they are not available for mapping. An example might be including some elements of the request in the title of the process instance. Until now I always did this by including a Data Mapper right after the Start Event. However, the same I could have achieved in the Start Activity itself.
Blockchaing Service Quick Start Guide
Jarvis Pizzeria: ICS – XSLT parameters that are not found but are being used? By Marcel van de Glind
Recently I came across an odd phenomenon in an ICS mapping that I want to share with the community via this blog. In short: XSLT parameters that are not found but are being used. Let me explain: at VBCS we have a Business Object whose data can be accessed via a REST call. Here the “q” parameter can be used to filter on characteristics that are stored in the BO. In the maximum variant, the “q” parameter can contain 8 characteristics (see screenshot below).
Additional New Material for PaaS Community
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We launched three new local Meetup locations in Cairo, Frankfurt and Porto! Want to learn more about developing Enterprise-grade Cloud Native applications on the Oracle Cloud Platform, covering topics like Microservices Architecture, developing in Node, Python and PHP, using Low Code development tools to build Mobile apps, and much more?

Join the Oracle Developer Meetup groups if you want to follow Oracle’s solutions in this area, or participate in the events and hands-on labs we organize:
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My private Corner – Digital Bootcamps around the world
We started to offer Oracle Integration Bootcamps to partners in September. All 10 training's have been booked out so fare. In 2020 we will start to offer chatbot training's for SaaS partners. During these 2 -day hands-on workshop partners learn to extend SaaS applications like HCM, CX and ERP solutions with Oracle Digital Assistant. First locations include Reading and Utrecht. For details please see the chatbot partner resource kit here. As a follow-up we recommend the Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2019 Associate (1Z0-1071) certification. Want to attend one of our upcoming workshops? Visit our Innovate SaaS overview page here.
Special thanks and congratulations to the trainer team Grant, Frank, Martin and Joe!
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