July 2020 Edition Oracle PaaS Partner Community Newsletter
Dear PaaS Partner Community,
Thanks for your excellent contribution to make the Oracle Cloud Platform business a huge success. Recently Oracle announced the fiscal year 20 results, with Cloud Services and License Support revenues up 3% to $27,4 billion USD. In Q4 ERP cloud revenue, was up 32% year-over-year (YoY) and HCM cloud revenue, up 27% YoY. Your opportunity to innovate, extend and integrate SaaS based on the Oracle cloud platform.

Your partner contribution is key to growth and cloud utilization. So let’s get started in the new fiscal year and continue this cloud success. Please join our Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff Webcast July 9th, 2020.

With the new fiscal year the latest certification Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2020 Specialist | 1Z0-1042-20 is available. To prepare you for the certification we offer a series of free online integration bootcamps for Brazil, India, Asia and the US.

In the process & innovation section Jan’s article describes how you can propagate the identity within a business process. Often business processes include attached files like pictures and documents, Bogdan describes attachments they can be integrated.

Watch Lonneke Dikmans, eProseed: Leveraging Oracle Cloud to realize a digital municipality. We want to promote also your customer success, submit your story via the customer reference program.
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The July edition highlights the new sales plays and virtual developer Meetups. This month’s community webcast will be our annual kickoff webcast with Suhas Uliyar. Please join Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff Webcast on July 9th, 2020.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @soaCommunity #PaaSCommunity.

Keep safe!
Jürgen Kress
Table Of Contents
Community Announcements
Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff Webcast July 9th, 2020
Suhas Uliyar
July 9th, 2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT-08:00)
Want to increase the Oracle Cloud business? Create new service offerings and solutions for Oracle SaaS solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Attend webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management
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Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts 
Thanks for attending our monthly community webcasts. Every monthly a speaker from the Oracle product management teams presents the latest updates on the Oracle Cloud Platform. In case you missed one of them take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
bullet Integrate Netsuite
bullet Integration Insight
bullet Innovate HCM with Chatbots
bullet ERP Integration
bullet HCM Integration
bullet Extend SaaS with Visual Builder Cloud Service
bullet Integration Adapters
bullet Integrate SaaS
bullet Digital Assistant Update
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PaaS Partner YouTube Update July 2020
The June video includes three topics:
• Sales kits to integrate Apps & modernize Apps
• Virtual Developer Meetups
• Kickoff Webcasts for PaaS & SaaS partners community webcast
For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
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Integrate SaaS hands-on Bootcamps Webtraining
SaaS Hands On Bootcamps
Do you want to find out why Gartner named Oracle as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for three years in row? Are you able to innovate quickly in the new digital world? Are you looking for ways to integrate systems and data faster using a modern cloud integration platform? Attend the Oracle Integration Bootcamp, a three days hands-on training for Oracle partners! 

• Virtual web training US & Canada August 4th-6th 2020
Virtual web training Asia July 20th-22nd 2020
Virtual web training India July 6th-8th 2020
• Virtual web training Brazil July 1st-3rd 2020
Get the latest OIC training material here (community membership required).
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Watch Lonneke Dikmans, eProseed: Leveraging Oracle Cloud to realize a digital municipality
PaaS Partner Success
eProseed has created a participation app to increase the involvement of citizens in decisions made by municipalities. The solution consists of a mobile JET app for voting on topics and a backend to store the votes using Blockchain and OpenID Connect. For more information please visit the partner finder.

We want to promote your customer success! Have you implemented successful a solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Submit your success story via the customer reference program.
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Oracle Implementation Certifications
Enablement and certification is key to cloud success.
At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additional we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for:
bullet Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2020 Specialist | 1Z0-1042-20
bullet Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2020 Specialist | 1Z0-1071-20
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Integration Section
Empower your Business Users with Integration Insight by Simone Geib
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Integration Insight for Oracle Integration Generation 2. This is a truly differentiated offering from the Oracle Integration team in the EiPaaS market. Integration Insight is releasing as a new Oracle Integration (OIC) Generation 2 feature and is now available in all data centers worldwide.
OIC June 2020 release UI updates by Niall Commiskey 
This release sees the introduction of the Oracle JET based OIC UI. It looks better and has more functionality - what more can I say? Maybe give you some idea of what is now available - For those who want more info, please see my colleague Antony's blog post here There is also a compelling video from Ankur available here
Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - PAID", available now on Oracle Marketplace.
We are pleased to announce the release of "Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - PAID", available now on Oracle Marketplace. This release complements the already released "Oracle SOA Suite - BYOL" Marketplace offering. Now customers can leverage Universal Credits for running SOA Suite from Marketplace. PAID is the term used to describe. The use of Universal Credits in marketplace.
We have introduced two new Marketplace Listings:
• Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (PAID)
• Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - with B2B Adapter for EDI (PAID)
Oracle Integration Cloud HCM adapter by Ankur Jain
In this article, we are going to discuss the Oracle Integration Cloud HCM adapter, it’s capabilities, and how to create the HCM connection.
Oracle HCM is one of the Out of the Box adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud which enables you to interact with the Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud application. The adapter enables to easily integrate their on-premises or SaaS application with HCM without knowing the complexity involved in the integration.
Slack Adapter for OIC by Daniel Martins Teixeira
The Slack adapter for Oracle Integration Cloud was released recently and delivers an easy way of Integrating with Slack.
Slack and other platforms with similar capabilities changed the way we work, and the way we interact with our colleagues. The boost in productivity and collaboration with these types of platforms is incredible. Slack is also a verb nowadays (let me slack you), that alone is enough to show its impact!
OIC Integration: ServiceNow and Twilio Integration for Voice and SMS Notifications by Arpit Narula
The OIC REST Service built to integrate ServiceNow and Twilio in same flow enables automated ServiceNow incident creation and notification to support engineer about the same incident via Voice call and SMS instantaneously. With this OIC service in place, the support teams can be engaged almost immediately for any issue. This integration can be an enabler in implementing a shift from on-desk support to on-call support for priority incidents. As the interface to this service is REST API based, it can be plugged into any application/database/scripting language that supports a REST call.
OIC --> Evernote Adapter by Niall Commiskey
Apparently an elephant never forgets - I do, hence my post - Again, all text in italics from the Oracle docs.
Starting point, as always, is the Oracle docs here
So what is a typical integration use case involving Evernote? The Evernote Adapter can be used in a variety of scenarios. For example, you can collect rich information about your customers, including notes, contact details, and other information into secure notes that only authorized team members can view in one place through Evernote. To collect contact information, use the Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) Adapter. Evernote offers a REST api, so there are some pre-reqs to leveraging this via the OIC Evernote adapter.
Integration Monitoring and Scheduling pages - Progressive Web App UI Experience by Arya Sanyal
New Oracle Integration (OIC) monitoring and scheduling UI is built using Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET) utilizing full benefits of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 design and development principles. This UI is compliant with latest UX standards and offers consistent user experience across all Integration pages.
OIC and Netsuite --> Custom fields revisited by Niall Commiskey
This post again is mainly note for myself - however, others may also find it useful! Here I detail how to create a new custom field in Netsuite. This field will hold the ecological rating of the customer - one of the following values -
A, B, or C. I create what is known in Netsuite as an Entity Field. I also created a new List Record to hold the valid values of A, B and C. I apply this field to the Customer object. 
HCM Data loader in Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain
Oracle Integration Cloud leverages HCM adapter to load data into HCM via the Data loader option. HCM Data Loader is a powerful tool for bulk-loading and maintaining data. The data can be from any source. You can use HCM Data Loader for data migration, ongoing maintenance of HCM data, and coexistence scenarios, where core HR data is uploaded regularly.
OIC --> Netsuite Asynchronous Request Processing by Niall Commiskey
Another feature supported by the OIC Netsuite adapter - With asynchronous requests, your client application sends a request to SOAP web services, where it is placed in a processing queue and handled asynchronously with other requests. Your client application does not wait for a response but goes on to other work. After a job is submitted, a job Id is returned in the SOAP web services response. Your client application can then check on the status and result of the request by referencing the job Id.
Testing REST trigger-based Integrations in OIC Console by Sumit Tomar
Test Integration feature allows users to test an App-driven integration with REST trigger by invoking it directly from OIC without relying on a third party software.
How it works
Activate the Integration.
Click on "Run" link.
A popup will be displayed as below.
Click on Test link to go to Test Integration page.
Global Variables and Data Stitch in Oracle Integration by Ankur Jain
This article covers the two most important features which Oracle announced recently. One of the features allows us to create Global Variables that are available throughout the integration. The feature is part of feature flag “oic.ics.console.integration.complex-variables“. The variable can be one any types as below:
Recursive calls in Oracle Integration Flows (Scenario: Paginated API calls for large Data Sets) by Jang-Vijay Singh 
A number of use-cases can be implemented cleanly using a recursive approach. This post is not to debate the pros and cons of recursion versus looping but provides a simple approach to achieve this.
For scenarios such as the ones listed below, and possibly more, this approach is quite efficient, concise, maintainable, and most importantly, it is highly scalable. It also leaves a smaller runtime footprint with a smaller execution time per instance than a looping flow instance. This also makes error handling easier as I will describe later. 
Data Stitch: Append and Assign for repeating elements by Jorge Herreria
Data Stitch has ASSIGN, APPEND and REMOVE operations. Some use-cases are easy to grasp; some others require a little thinking... On this blog I‘ll explain behaviors I deem they are not straightforward to derive the outcome for using Data Stitch in a OIC Orchestration:
Data Stitch: Repeating element path does not have a predicate for selecting 1 instance – Warning by Jorge Herreria
The "Repeating element path does not have a predicate for selecting 1 instance." warning message will come up on some stitch statements; specially on the "Variable" field. It means the Location Path XPath expression will select more than one instance and then the operation (Append or Assign) will fail at runtime.
Use of correlation sets in SOA Suite by Martien van den Akker
Years ago, I had plans to write a book about BPEL or at least a series of articles to be bundled as a BPEL Course. I stranded with only one Hello World article. This year, I came up with the idea of doing something around Correlation Sets. Preparing a series of articles and a talk. And therefor, let's start with an article on Correlation Sets in BPEL. Maybe later on I could pick up those earlier plans again.
Business Process Management & Innovation Section
Jarvis Pizzeria
OIC: Identity Propagation In Structured Process by Jan Kettenis 
When a process calls a service you sometimes have a requirement that some user identity needs to be propagated to the service call. This article describes how you can propagate the identity (but alas not the principle) of a user on behalf of whom a service call is executed. When calling a service in a structured process you sometimes must pass on the identity of the user that called the service. This could be the case when that service call is done to a SaaS application and it is required to track on behalf of whom that service is called. 
OIC Force Dehydration
Use Oracle Integration to Add Attachments to a Process Instance by Bogdan Eremia
The other day it came to my attention that it’s not really straightforward to add attachments to an Oracle Process Instance using the REST API.
One reason for this is that it requires multipart/mixed media type for the request body message format, and producing this kind format is not so common for JavaScript clients. The JS clients are more used to working with multipart/form-data, the de-facto standard for form-based file upload in HTML.
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For year’s I used an X220 ThinkPad. It was a great companion on hundreds of business trips. On it’s excellent keyboard I wrote most of the community newsletters. The model was launched in 2011, during the years I piped it with 16 GB RAM and two SSD drives. Which where a great help to run demos and trainings based on virtual box. The raise of cloud computing gave it’s CPU a second spring. With mandatory move to Windows 10 it’s time to say goodbye to a good friend – thanks for the great service!
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