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What's new in JDK 11? Eleven JEPs are currently proposed and targeted. Among the proposed JEPs are Unicode 10, Flight Recorder and the removal of Java EE and CORBA modules. Learn about the JEPs in JDK 11 so far. Read the release notes. Download and test the early access build today!
Update and FAQ on the Java SE Release Cadence
This FAQ addresses some of the common questions asked over the last several months.
Apache NetBeans 9.0 RC1 Release
Check out the full list of features. This release include support for Java 9 and 10.
OpenJDK 10 Now Includes Root CA Certificates
OpenJDK now includes a populated keystore with root certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities.
Re-sign Java Code Periodically
Learn why Java signed code needs to be re-signed periodically (even if time-stamped)
The Most Important Stop on Your Java Journey
“….Pull up a stool at the OCJA or OCJP Wall of Fame and tell your tale or peruse the tales of others.”
Test Your Java Knowledge With FREE Sample Questions
Did you know that there are FREE sample questions available for Java Programmer exams?
Don't let Java Redeploys Slow You Down – Reload Code Changes Instantly
JRebel fast tracks Java application development by skipping the time-consuming build & redeploy steps in the development process. View code changes in real time while preserving application state, stopping annoying redeploys so you can keep developing! Get a free trial
bullet The Command pattern in depth
bullet Design Patterns for JPA and Hibernate
bullet Producer-Consumer implementations with JavaFX
bullet Using Domain-Driven Design with Java EE
bullet An Overview of Java Magazine New Edition about Design Pattern
bullet Wookiee: Reducing Microservice Configuration
bullet Debugging polyglot Node.js, Ruby, R apps with GraalVM
bullet Why you need to learn these automated testing tools for Java
bullet How to convert map keys to list in Java
bullet Parallel and Asynchronous Programming in Java 8
bullet Java 10 Local Variable Type Inference
bullet What a Year! Java 10 and 10 Big Java Milestones
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Announcing Oracle Code One
The JavaOne conference is expanding this year to cover all core technologies!
Oracle Code Events
Oracle Code is a series of free events for developers to explore the latest and greatest developer technologies, practices, and trends. Learn from technical experts, industry leaders and other developers in keynotes, sessions, and hands-on labs.
Oracle CloudWorld
Spend a day in the Cloud and accelerate your development. Learn to rapidly build and deploy rich applications with the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform.
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