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Oracle announces new revolutionary Java support model for enterprises and developers called Oracle Java SE Subscriptions

Oracle Java SE Subscription Press release
Oracle Java SE Subscription Blog
Oracle Java SE Subscription FAQ
Oracle Java SE Subscription Data Sheet
New Java SE Release Cadence
This FAQ addresses some of the common questions asked over the last several months.
JDK 11 is in Rampdown Phase Two
Among the proposed JEPs are Unicode 10, Flight Recorder and the removal of Java EE and CORBA modules. Read the release notes. Download and test the early access build today!
Re-sign Java Code Periodically
Learn why Java signed code needs to be re-signed periodically (even if time-stamped).
Java EE 7 Application Developer Exam
Learn to make applications easier to develop and deploy. We’ve removed the prerequisites previously required to Java EE 7 certification providing a faster path to Oracle Certification.
Java Programming Learning Subscription.
Have you attended any of the Java Puzzle Ball MOOCs? If so, why stop there? Keep learning and developing your Java SE skills with Integrated Online Learning and Certification - Train and test where you are and on your schedule.
Share Your Feedback on any Oracle Product!
Leave constructive peer-to-peer feedback as an Oracle product user. Oracle values its customers and would love to hear what you have to say.
Project Loom: Fibers and Continuations for the Java Virtual Machine
Project Loom makes it easier to write, debug, profile and maintain concurrent applications meeting today's requirements.
Test Your Java Knowledge
Take a weekly quiz and learn new tricks on Java programming languages, the JVM, performance, microservices, Docker, Java enterprise, and so much more.
Don't let Java redeploys slow you down – Reload Code Changes Instantly
JRebel fast tracks Java application development by skipping the time-consuming build & redeploy steps in the development process. View code changes in real time while preserving application state, stopping annoying redeploys so you can keep developing! Get a free trial
bullet Giving Expert Users What They Need
bullet Finding and Using the Good Libraries
bullet Build Complex PDFs Easily
bullet j2html: An HTML5 Generator Library
bullet Real-World Bytecode Handling with ASM
bullet Migrating Your Library to Java Modules
bullet A Wealth of Libraries
bullet The State Pattern
bullet Is Boilerplate Code Really So Bad?
bullet The Key to a Successful Software Architecture
bullet Java 10 Local Variable Type Inference
bullet Java Virtual Machine Troubleshooting
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Announcing Oracle Code One
The JavaOne conference is expanding this year to cover all core technologies!
Oracle Code Events
Oracle Code is a series of free events for developers to explore the latest and greatest developer technologies, practices, and trends. Learn from technical experts, industry leaders and other developers in keynotes, sessions, and hands-on labs.
Oracle CloudWorld
Spend a day in the Cloud and accelerate your development. Learn to rapidly build and deploy rich applications with the power of the Oracle Cloud Platform.
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