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Key Announcements
Q3 FY19 Cut-off Dates 
As we get closer to Q3-end please keep in mind that the cut-off dates for partner orders submission are:

Offline Orders sent to the MySQL DealDesk:
• Orders 200K Feb 28th (Thursday – 11:59 p.m. Local Country HQ time)

Complete Electronic Orders Submission (via Cloud Portal, Oracle Store, Partners/VADs via Oracle Partner Store (OPS), and XML)
• Feb 28th (Thursday – 9 p.m. Local Country HQ Time *

*Excludes MEXICO, CHILE, PERU, BRAZIL, and KENYA. These countries must meet local statutory requirements and hence follow different submission cutoffs which will be announced later in the Quarter.
If you have any questions related to partner orders, contact your local MySQL Channel Manager.
New Marketing kit published on OPN – MySQL High Availability 
To help you take advantage of this new opportunity to innovate and grow your business, we’ve just published a ready-to-use marketing kit: MySQL High Availability: Always On for Critical Applications
The kit includes all the resources needed and step-by-step guide for partners to run a successful MySQL campaign:
• eBlast template, copy blocks and Teleprospecting script
• Partner Guidance document, and step-buy-step guide to run the campaign
• New White paper on MySQL High Availability
• Social media copies and many more resources.
Download the campaign kit today to start generating new sales opportunities with MySQL Enterprise High Availability 
Download the campaign kit here cta-arrow
Partner Enablement
Partner webcast: What’s New in MySQL EE and How to How to Tap into a New Stream of Revenue
Did you know that MySQL is the world’s second most popular database in the marketplace behind only Oracle Database (

There are millions of installs of the freely downloadable version of MySQL (MySQL Community Edition) currently being used. In fact, many of your customer are probably using MySQL Community Edition today which provides you with a huge market of untapped revenue potential.

Don’t leave money on the table by not talking about MySQL EE with your customers!

In this exclusive OPN webcast you will learn how to tap into this potential and find a new stream of revenue by positioning MySQL Enterprise Edition (EE) to your customer base. MySQL EE incorporates the newest Advanced Enterprise Features of the latest MySQL release (MySQL 8.0) allowing your customers to:

-Reduce their database costs by up to 90%
-Address database security concerns
-Meet regulatory compliance requirements
-Increase scalability

Check out the replay now on the MySQL Knowledge Zone homepage
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MySQL Cloud Sales Opportunity
Grow your MySQL Deal Size

With competition for new customers high, and the time and effort to build new relationships and trust hard to come by, customer acquisition in today’s IT landscape is a top challenge for partners. Increasing sales through adding value for existing customers is generally more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. Plus, it helps build better relationships and gain trust with those buyers. It’s a win-win for all.

Read this blog to learn about our best practices for growing MySQL opportunities within your customer base and increasing your MySQL Enterprise Edition (MySQL EE) deal sizes through strategic positioning.
The MySQL ISV-OEM Corner
The MySQL Theme of the Month: High Availability in MySQL 8.0

Whether you are building high volume websites, enterprise and departmental applications, or advanced communications networks, your organization needs the tools to build and manage these business-critical database applications.

Access below resources to learn how you can confidently deploy and operate MySQL Enterprise High Availability clusters, on-premises or in the Cloud, as part of a cost-effective cross-platform solution for delivering high-performing, highly available,disaster tolerant, reliable, and scalable applications.
bullet White paper: Guide to MySQL High Availability
bullet Webcast: High Availability in MySQL 8.0 using InnoDB Cluster
bullet Webcast: Benefits of Using MySQL Enterprise Features for High Availability
bullet Blog: MySQL 8.0 InnoDB Cluster – the quick hands-on manual
bullet Blog: MySQL 8.0 – Announcing GA of the MySQL Document Store
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Latest Product Updates
New Release: MySQL Workbench 8.0.12 (GA)
View the complete list of changes
Download MySQL Workbench
New Release: MySQL InnoDB Cluster – What’s new in the 8.0.13 (GA)
View the complete list of changes
Download MySQLInnoDB Cluster
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MySQL Live Events
Oracle's MySQL team is running numerous free MySQL live events worldwide. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your MySQL questions answered directly by the MySQL experts at Oracle on the latest MySQL Product releases and many new features, their applicability and benefits for your products.

Check out a live MySQL event in your area on the MySQL Events page.
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Advance Your Skills with MySQL Training from Oracle University

MySQL administrators can gain so much by learning about the MySQL Enterprise Edition advanced features, management tools and high levels of MySQL scalability, reliability and uptime. The MySQL team continues to improve their products helping customers reduce risks, costs and complexity in managing and developing their critical MySQL applications.
There is a reason why MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database as well as the database of choice for the most innovative properties on the Web, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber, and
With MySQL training from Oracle University, you can either start your career as a MySQL Database Administrator or Developer or you can learn how to leverage the great advantages that this software affords its customers. 
bullet MySQL training allows you to learn how to administer the MySQL Database and provides insight into some of the advanced functionality as well.
Learn more about the MySQL Training cta-arrow
Learn MySQL from Oracle experts who will teach you about the fundamentals of MySQL, administering MySQL, developing for MySQL and performance tuning techniques. 
MySQL Training can be taken through separate course or learned through our MySQL Learning Subscription which combines all the latest training that the courses offer combined with specialty training topics and an attempt at taking certification exams for an entire year, including our new Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification Overview exam. 
Take the new Oracle Certified Administrator Exam cta-arrow
Oracle Partner Business Center

Your Regional VAD

MySQL Channel Managers:
Vicki Holteen, AMER West Alliances & Channel Manager
Patti Curtin, AMER East Alliances & Channel Manager
Michael Moore, AMER East Alliances & Channel Manager
Dawn Thurston, AMER Public Sector Alliances& Channel Manager
Michele King, AMER Alliances & Channel Manager-Federal SIs
Sharion Wardlow, AMER West Alliances & Channel Manager
Angela Sims, AMER Alliances & Channel Manager, SLED
Leticia Gimenes, LAD Alliances & Channel Manager
Romer Gonzalez, LAD Alliances &Channel Manager
Jose Murcia, LAD Alliances & Channel Manager
David Gilfillan, EMEA Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Laszlo Ludas, EMEA South and East Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Neville Tanzer, EMEA Central Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Archie Dhaliwal, EMEA UK & Nordics Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Hiromasa Yazaki, JAPAN MySQL Sr. Sales Director
Shailesh Kumar, India Alliances & Channel Sales Manager
Max Phoon, ASEAN MySQL Alliances & Channels Manager
Kamil Gurgen, ANZ MySQL Channel & Alliances Manager
Sandeep Angresh, APAC Senior Sales Director,
Selina Li, Greater China MySQL Channel Sales Manager,
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