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Welcome to the future of Sales Central. Today we're launching an entirely new user experience to help you find the content you want quickly and easily.

On your next visit to Sales Central, you'll notice the following important enhancements:
A Customizable Profile
Customize every aspect of your Sales Central experience, starting with your preferred home page and default language. Whether you select Navigation or News, you will have instant access to both. News brings you the latest information from Oracle that you can share through email or your social channels.

Customize the categories and industries you want to appear in your feed to ensure you are getting news that is most relevant to you. By selecting your default language, translated content will be served to you automatically. As your interests evolve in the future, be sure to come back and adjust your profile as needed.
A Clutter-Free User Interface
The Sales Central design has been modernized with a new look and feel. Find the content you are looking for quickly and easily through our new streamlined user interface. Search for content through the navigation path filters or deep search by using key words via the search bar. Deep search displays all related search results with relevance ratings. Use the Quick Links tab to access the top assets, your favorite and your bookmarked content.
Sales Central
Sellers have one of the toughest jobs, to be successful we want to enable you with the strongest content and a well-organized platform to access it.

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These enhancements were designed based on user input, please keep the feedback coming!

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Karen Sigman | Vice President
Cloud Business Group Product & Partner Marketing
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