Systems Update #6
The following changes were introduced on September 10, 2019.

Price List Changes to the following price lists:
bullet Systems Hardware and Software Price List
bullet Acme Packet Price List
bullet Tekelec Price List
bullet MICROS Hospitality Hotel Price List
bullet MICROS Hardware Price List

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What Do You Need to Do?
Each Systems Update includes System price list changes and is comprised of two files: the announcement document (PDF) and the announcement details (XLS). The ID numbers in the announcement documents are the keys to help you find all the part numbers in the spreadsheet that are affected by a specific announcement.

Please note: Oracle Systems Pricing information is Oracle confidential and is provided to you subject to the terms of your Oracle PartnerNetwork Agreement.
For More Information
Visit the Systems Pricing page on the OPN portal regularly to read more about these updates and to stay current on the latest systems price list and resources.
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