Oracle Digital Assistant Conversation Designer: Your Ideas into a Chatbot
Partner Webcast @OracleIMC
November 21st, 2019
10 a.m. CET (9 a.m. GMT/11 a.m. EET)
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Contantin Catalin Pohrib
Catalin Pohrib
Oracle EMEA A&C Cloud Adoption & Implementation Consultant, Oracle Partners EMEA CCOE
The development of an Oracle Digital Assistant project can allow you go beyond a simple chatbot, building an AI-powered assistant that connects to your backend applications and helps users accomplish a variety of tasks in natural language conversations. Still, like any other Chatbot project, it does not begin with the technology. Instead you start with a planning phase that clearly identifies the bot's usecases, its data requirements, the intents and entities, and the conversation flow, establishing a baseline.
Oracle Digital Assistant got a new Conversation Designer, first added as a beta feature in September 2019. With the Conversational Designer, you can build skill conversations declaratively so that technical and non-technical people can follow and collaborate.

With the modeled conversation, you can then run a recorded simulation of your conversation design, or even generate the Oracle Digital Assistant skill, including intents, entities and the dialog flows, to perform a realistic test and demonstration to show your clients.

Join us on this webcast and learn how to start that and get going easily with the Oracle Digital Assistant Conversation Designer.
@OracleIMC Partner Webcast
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