The State of Intelligent Automation and Opportunity for Oracle Partners
Partner Webcast @OracleIMC
December 05th, 2019
10 a.m. CET (9 a.m. GMT/11 a.m. EET)
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Milomir Vojvodic
Milomir Vojvodic
EMEA Intelligent Automation & Integration Product Leader
Unprecedented data volumes and decreasing cost of storage give virtually unlimited computing power. This is unique moment to utilize intelligent automation.
Eliminating manual processes and increasing process quality are major contradictory goals, intelligent automation does the optimization in a way that improves both. Enterprises can let employees override decisions in the beginning, until they gather enough data to prove results.

Detecting on what it is that drives quality and being able to focus on controlling that variable. Automating frequent, data-intensive, tactical decisions can save a lot of money and any kind of real-time, next best offer, next best action kinds of things got to be done in milliseconds. These benefits can be already seen in operations, customer service, decision support, and finance.

In this session we will see how Oracle partners can support the concept of Intelligent Automation with Oracle Process Automation (part of Oracle Integration Cloud) and Oracle Digital Assistant.
@OracleIMC Partner Webcast
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