Human Capital Management Integration Partner Webcast
February 26th 2020
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM CET (Berlin Time) - (GMT+1:00)
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Accelerate HCM Integration with Application Adapters
Integration to applications is dramatically simplified by the use of application adapters that eliminate the complexity associated with web services and other connectivity methods. Simplify your integration to connect with virtually any application, service, or data store. Oracle offers a library of these adapters to provide you with a standardized way to rapidly connect the various protocols required by each application vendor. In addition to application connectors for CX, ERP, and HCM, there are database, productivity, social, RPA, and technology adapters. 
HCM Connectivity
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Featured Speakers
Niall Commiskey
Niall Commiskey
Director Product Management 
Oracle HQ
Jürgen Kress
Jürgen Kress
OIC & ODA Partner Adoption
Oracle HQ‌ 
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