Secure Customer Data & Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Oracle Autonomous Database!
If you’re deploying your commercial software applications in the public cloud – particularly for users in highly regulated vertical industries – you need to protect against a broad (and expanding!) range of security threats. These include attacks targeting infrastructure and databases, as well as those directly targeting your applications and users.

Automated security technologies in Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services enable software companies to effectively mitigate these risks and give their customers greater confidence when running their applications in the cloud. For example, with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services, security patches are automatically applied every quarter or as needed—narrowing the window of vulnerability. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services also continually monitor cloud administrator actions for any abnormal activity, and predefined policies for database auditing are turned on by default.

With Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services you can not only reduce security threats and attacks but also deliver differentiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and improve overall customer satisfaction!
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• Watch the video on Oracle Autonomous Database: Security by Default

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