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Deliver consistent levels of performance and reliability to your end users in a cost effective manner.
With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), software companies can deliver unmatched performance to their customers (backed by leading Oracle Cloud Service Level Agreements), while also reducing costs.

Leveraging OCI, companies such as Cisco have seen a 15x improvement in CPU utilization when deploying their Tetration SaaS application on OCI, as well as an overall increase in application performance of 60x vs. other cloud infrastructure providers! The net result is that customers running Cisco Tetration on OCI are now saving up to 90%. For more information, watch the video: Performance for Cisco Tetration Increases 60x on OCI.
In addition to enabling our software partners to scale their apps on OCI, Oracle is also powering its own global SaaS business on Oracle Cloud – delivering our full portfolio of CX, ERP, HCM and other leading cloud applications to tens of thousands of customers around the world. As an example, Oracle is deploying NetSuite from 18 OCI data centers across the US, EMEA and JPAC – and, in doing so, enabling NetSuite users with increased performance, scalability and security. 

To learn more, read the blog post: NetSuite Makes its Move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
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