Week of April 9, 2018
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Chris Murphy
Data-Driven Music
Can you use product usage data to spot great new product ideas and head off problems before customers even know about them? Sound United, which makes HEOS wireless speakers and other audio products, is getting those kinds of results from its cloud-based customer experience suite.

Here’s one example: users name their speakers in the HEOS online app used to manage their speaker system, and the most common approach is to name them based on their location. When the product team noticed that many of customers had a speaker named Bathroom, they saw an opportunity to create a new offering. They replaced the speaker’s cloth covering with a metal grille and made the device smaller and white-colored to better fit common bathroom space and décor. That device is now the best-selling speaker in the HEOS line.

Learn more about how Sound United taps usage data to deliver great products and proactive customer service in Data-Driven Music.

— Chris Murphy, Oracle director of cloud content
Video: Ballard Power Moves to Mass Production with ERP and SCM in the Cloud
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To Act Like a Startup, Partner with a Startup
Large companies want to think like startups and become more innovative, more adaptable, and better at risk-taking. Through a startup accelerator, Fortune 1000 companies are connecting to startups that are taking new approaches and tackling business problems in unexpected ways. Both sides benefit: enterprises get fresh ideas, while startups get access to cloud services, mentors, customers, and partners.
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Can Blockchain Solve Your PDF, Document, and Digital Signature Headaches?
Blockchain can help resolve everyday trust issues related to documents. Blockchain’s ability to increase trust could find enterprise use cases involving common non-financial information exchanges—such as validating that documents are authentic and haven’t been tampered with.
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How Ads Can Keep Generating Revenue Even After the Campaign Ends
Revenue generated by an advertising campaign doesn’t end with that campaign. In fact, 53% of a typical campaign’s value is derived from additional consumer spending up to a year after a digital campaign ends. How does that work? Let’s walk through the research.
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Put Your Content Everywhere and Center
Content management isn’t new, but where and how you access applications that depend on content has changed significantly in the last couple of years. With the increased popularity of mobile applications and voice-activated devices, there are many channels where content gets consumed, so content management needs to be broader than the web.
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FBI Tips to Protect Your Business from Email Impersonation
Business email compromise scams are on the rise, costing US$5.3 billion in losses since 2013. How do you keep your small or midsize business safe from such scams? The FBI offers some recommendations.
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Mack Uses Digital Marketing for Its Anthem Highway Tractor
Traditional analog marketing channels, including trade shows and print magazines, work for promoting broad brand awareness. But those channels didn’t provide what Mack Trucks needed in order to craft and deliver different messages for different customers. When it came time to launch its new Anthem heavy trucks, Mack shifted into a higher gear with a digital campaign that emphasized segmentation and metrics.
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NYC Utility Achieves Data Security in the Cloud
Security in the cloud and the ability to scale to meet growing demand were key for a major NYC utility. Development and consulting firm Kapstone LLC is helping it move securely to the cloud.
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