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Alexa Morales
Want a Faster, Polyglot Compiler? GraalVM 1.0 Is Here!
Read my lips: GraalVM makes developers more productive and programs faster. How? Start with language-level virtualization, which provides a universal runtime that can compile any dynamic language. Yes, there were predecessors, such the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Java Virtual Machine itself, which is the platform for languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, and R. But these approaches were (1) limited in their ability to accommodate all the semantics, features, and libraries of the new languages and (2) slower than native languages.

In contrast, GraalVM uses a new partial evaluation technique to automatically transform interpreted programs into highly efficient machine code. You can also use as many languages as you want, because cross-language calls have zero overhead.

This exciting work is the toast of international research and developer conferences (and the Oracle Labs team in Prague, Czech Republic, is hiring).

Check out GraalVM on GitHub.

—Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle Director of Developer Content
Oracle Code
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Check out this free one-day developer event coming to a city near you! Oracle Code has keynotes, sessions, and hands-on labs for learning technologies such as serverless, containers, microservices, AI, chatbots, and blockchain. The Call for Papers is now open!

April 24 | Bogotá
May 8 | Shenzhen
May 11 | Warsaw
May 15 | Buenos Aires
May 17 | Singapore
May 30 | London
June 12 | Berlin
June 20 | São Paulo
July 3 | Paris

Want Oracle Code to come to you? Oracle Code Online includes technical demonstrations and presentations from community advocates, Oracle ACEs, product leads, and Java Champions.

April 18 | EMEA
April 19 | Americas
May 29 | JAPAC
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The Graal High-Performance Polyglot Runtime
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Implementing Big Data Projects
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How to Use the New JVM JIT Compiler in Real Life
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Managing Java Cloud Services Using REST
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