Week of April 16, 2018
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Alexa Weber Morales
Six Proven Strategies
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recommends that women ‘push past their perceived limits.’ Hacks 4 Humanity organizer Lisa Mae Brunson suggests that women ‘do first and ask later’ — and be kind to themselves when they falter. These strategies and many others are starting to help tech industry leaders handle the consequences of an impending shortage.

Women held only 26% of professional computing jobs in 2016, compared to 57% of professional occupations overall. The statistics shine a light on an alarming gap: more women engineers are needed to meet the demands of an IT workforce that will add more than a million technical jobs in the US by 2020.

There’s a fierce commitment from female tech leaders to help up-and-coming women build their careers and raise their profile. Here are six strategies that have worked for successful coders and CEOs alike that could help shift the balance.

—Alexandra Weber Morales, Oracle director of developer content
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Video: Nestlé BabyNes Saves $200,000 by Analyzing Customer Feedback
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Health Insurance Startup Expands Amid Regulatory Changes
As Oscar Health Insurance expanded from New York into Texas, California, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee, starting in 2016, it became harder to consolidate its financials and swiftly prepare reports for regulators and auditors. Move over, messy spreadsheets: the cloud has the situation covered.
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French Construction Company Uses the Cloud to Drive Global Expansion
Having a “common HR language” across Vinci’s business units and countries enables human resources managers and business leaders to pull better, more consistent insights from its HR data. The benefit: the global company can discover little-known internal resources and offer workers new positions for which they’re well suited.
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User Experience Startup Sees Compliance Payoff from Cloud Infrastructure
Toonimo’s audiovisual guidance platform helps consumers navigate complex websites without human assistance. One big benefit of running the platform in the cloud is the cloud’s compliance with many standard security protocols and certifications, enabling the company to land accounts in the highly regulated financial services, healthcare, and telecom industries.
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A Perfect Storm for US Manufacturer Reshoring
The number of US manufacturing jobs is down significantly from the peak, in 1980. But ever since parity between US offshoring and returning jobs was achieved, in 2014 and 2015, the offshoring trend has been reversing. The recent US tax reform legislation could help tip the scales further. But the decision on where to locate manufacturing operations involves far more than government carrots.
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One Reason Data Capital Is So Critical: It Doesn’t ‘Spill Over’
US and UK businesses invest more in intangibles such as patents, processes, and software than in physical things such as inventory, facilities, parts, and supplies. This is important, because these two types of assets are so different from each other, especially in terms of “spillovers,” which happen when one company benefits from another’s investment.
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Surviving the Shakeup When AI Is Changing Your Industry
What is the right education for the twenty-first century? What is the right type of healthcare, banking experience—or car? Thanks to artificial intelligence, answers to these big questions are often coming from small companies. Hemant Taneja, author of Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future, talks about new business models for companies of every size.
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COLLABORATE User Conference Highlights Cloud Innovation
Nearly half the 1,200 sessions at the COLLABORATE conference next week in Las Vegas focus on cloud issues, developer topics, and emerging technologies. Get the straight scoop from your peers on the technology you trust.
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Why the World’s Fastest Car Needs Cloud Speed
The Bloodhound Project is building an automobile that can beat 1,000 mph (1,609 km/h) on land. The company’s engineering director talks about the cloud’s role in helping design the world’s fastest car. For starters, it’s collecting and analyzing data from hundreds of onboard sensors.
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