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Linda Currey Post
The Right Fit
The strong economy and the fierce competition among companies for the best job candidates have made finding and keeping talented employees even more difficult than in the past, HR leaders tell us. That’s why they’re so interested in using artificial intelligence to help make the right hires and not overlook candidates who would be a great fit.

At Oracle OpenWorld last month, Oracle’s Chris Leone demonstrated how AI-powered data intelligence capabilities can help HR leaders better evaluate candidates based on their education, work history, career trajectory, and aspirations and then use that data to predict their likelihood of success. Read more about technology advancements causing CHROs such as Alexandria Smith of the City of Memphis to say, “I’m watching what AI can do to help us recruit and retain the most-talented people.”

Linda Currey Post, Senior Writer at Oracle
Oracle HCM
Innovations in Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud
western digital
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Western Digital Trims Suppliers with Cloud ERP
Western Digital hasn’t even finished implementing its ERP cloud, and the computer manufacturer and data storage company is already seeing big benefits, such as consistent data that has enabled it to cut the number of duplicate suppliers, which spiraled during a string of acquisitions. “Where we once had more than 30,000, we’ve been able to get it down to about 17,000,” says CIO Steve Phillpott. Why Phillpott chose the cloud instead of consolidating on legacy ERP.
Five World-Altering Trends from Oracle OpenWorld
We’re moving from a heads-down world—always looking at our screen—to a “heads-up” world, where we overlay a digital world on our real, 3-D world, said futurist Sophie Hackford at Oracle OpenWorld. “That tiny screen will be replaced with an infinite screen,” she said. Advice from other experts, such as Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison.
What Autonomous IT Does for Developers
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, which uses machine learning to automatically maintain and tune itself, “will basically provide shorter time to market, because developers won’t have to worry about back-end details,” says Oracle’s Gerald Venzl. Why he calls it “an exciting time for developers.
Lessons So Far About Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Autonomous Database can block cyberattacks and data theft by scanning for security threats and automatically applying updates while the database is running, with little or no human involvement. “It allows me to focus more effort and energy than ever before on delivering business value instead of dealing with the underlying technical complexity,” said Adam Burden, Accenture chief software engineer, during Oracle OpenWorld. What other early adopters are saying.
cloud native
‘Cloud Native’ Software Development Is Critical
A “cloud native” environment brings faster, more agile app development and deployment plus a reduced cost structure. And there’s the irresistible appeal of not being tied to one vendor. But even the most ardent fan will reluctantly admit that there are still significant gaps in functionality and maturity, especially for enterprise IT. What’s the answer?
Oracle Cloud Platform
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AI in Every Cloud App
“By 2025…all cloud apps will include AI,” predicted Oracle CEO Mark Hurd during his Oracle OpenWorld keynote. Hear more of Hurd’s predictions, plus what executives from CERN and Cummins said about how the cloud will shape the future.
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