What is an Analytic View?

Analytic views organize data using a dimensional model. They allow you to easily add asophisticated ggregations and calculations to your data sets and to create queries with relatively simple SQL. Analytic Views provide the following features:

  • Organize data using a rich business model that has dimensional and hierarchical concepts
  • Include system-generated columns with hierarchical data
  • Automatically aggregate data
  • Include embedded measure calculations that are easily defined using syntax based on the business model
  • Include presentation metadata

Learn More

A series of scripted workshops available on the Oracle LiveSQL service:

1) Getting Started Creating Analytic Views, click here .

2) Getting Started Querying Analytic Views, click here .

3) Creating Time Series Calculations in Analytic Views, click here .

4) Creating Hierarchical Ratio Calculations (Share Of) in Analytic Views, click here .


Presenter: William Endress, Product Manager, Oracle

In this video, learn how analytic views embed joins and aggregation rules, measure calculations and navigation paths into a single view that is queried with very simple SQL.

This session will be of particular interest to data warehouse architects and developers and business intelligence application developers.