Forrester TEI finds that Oracle Contextual Intelligence delivers 105% ROI for advertisers

The Total Economic Impact™ of Oracle Contextual Intelligence

The Total Economic Impact™ of Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Forrester’s analysis reveals the benefits clients experience using Oracle Contextual Intelligence

As the clock ticks down on third-party cookie deprecation, marketers are looking for ways to evolve their holistic targeting strategy. They are exploring alternative methods to reach their intended audiences while simultaneously maintaining privacy practices and delivering on business outcomes. In the new era of adtech, contextual targeting has taken center stage as marketers reassess their media targeting. That’s why Oracle Advertising commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the impact Oracle Contextual Intelligence can have on these efforts.

Download Forrester’s report to discover how Oracle Contextual Intelligence can help clients experience:

  1. An ROI of 105% that drives incremental value for the overall business
  2. Added profit of $6.3 million from online sales
  3. Additional profit of $3.5 million from offline sales
  4. Total benefits of $13.6 million over three years
  5. A payback of their 3-year investment within the first 6 months

The study also covers:

  • Key challenges faced by brands and agencies who are seeking a contextual intelligence solution
  • Budget efficiency, cost avoidance/saving, and other benefits Oracle Contextual Intelligence provides

Discover the value and impact of Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Discover Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Drive better digital advertising campaign outcomes with Oracle’s contextual targeting solution that crawls and categorizes webpages, matching them to contextual segments.

The Outlook for Contextual Solutions in Data-Driven Advertising and Marketing

Understand how contextual techniques are poised to play a central role in advertising and media monetization, picking up where identity-driven targeting leaves off.

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