Contextual targeting leads to a new era in advertising

The Outlook for Contextual Solutions in Data-Driven Advertising and Marketing

Understand how contextual techniques are now poised to return to a central role in advertising and media monetization, picking up where identity-driven targeting leaves off.

How contextual targeting will upgrade your ad targeting toolkit

Contextual targeting is taking center stage as marketers reassess their media targeting in the era of cookie deprecation, privacy expectations, and increased media channels. As the clock continues to tick on the industry’s third-party cookie timeline, context must be a critical part of your ongoing holistic targeting strategy. The time to test new and different tactics is now.

Winterberry Group interviewed senior media industry experts for their newest research on contextual targeting and how its evolution will impact the advertising and media landscape. Download the report to:

  1. Understand the evolution of contextual targeting
  2. Learn the role of contextual and other targeting tactics
  3. Discover the power of combining solutions
  4. Find out the four key trends to watch

Discover the future of contextual targeting

Forrester TEI—Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Forrester analyzed the benefits achieved by using Oracle Contextual Intelligence, including additional profits, better ROI, and shortened payback periods.

Discover Oracle Contextual Intelligence

Drive better digital advertising campaign outcomes with Oracle’s contextual targeting solution that crawls and categorizes webpages, matching them to contextual segments.

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