Forrester Consulting: Brand Safety Spotlight

Brand Safety Spotlight: Leveraging Oracle Advertising solutions to effectively monitor brand safety

Forrester reveals the benefits of using Oracle Advertising to monitor and improve brand safety and overall performance

As more advertising dollars are moved to digital channels and programmatic spaces, it has become increasingly difficult to track and validate where ads appear—and in what type of environment. As a result, years and millions of dollars can be spent building a brand image only to have a misplaced advertisement damage your reputation and negatively impact your business.

Forrester describes how using Oracle Moat Analytics and Contextual Intelligence together can help you monitor and improve brand safety and boost the performance of your campaigns at the same time. Download this report to discover:

  • What factors are driving brands to focus on brand safety more than ever before
  • The different ways a brand safety incident can impact operations
  • How to evaluate the possible cost of a brand safety incident
  • Quantifiable benefits of brand safety that our customers have shared

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