‏‎‎‏Oracle‏‎‎‏ Financials Cloud للمديرين الماليين

الاعتبارات لجمع متطلبات حلول ERP ما بعد الحداثة

الاعتبارات لجمع متطلبات حلول ERP ما بعد الحداثة

‏‎‎‏ERP Cloud لمدراء المشروعات‎‎‏

أنظمة ERP العالمية

Drive Informed Decisions
Embassy-Grade Security Icon World-Class Security

How much time and money do you spend patching security holes in your systems?

Oracle ERP Cloud offers security at every layer, from the application to the server microprocessor. And because it's in the cloud, it's always up to date.

Complete HR System
Integrate and Extend Easily Icon Integrate and Extend Easily

How much time and effort do you spend connecting and customizing your systems?

Extend and enrich your applications for the way you want to run your business. Connect any part of your organization to any device, anywhere. A modern cloud fits your business, not the other way around.


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