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Measure What Matters with Moat

Measure and drive attention across all your campaigns with Moat Analytics. Find out what's working and why—and how you can optimize campaigns for success.

Key Benefits


Redefine measurement with the metrics that matter.

Measure impact by leveraging more than 50 metrics accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) across video, display, and in-app for a customized view of performance.


Measure business impact.

Leverage deep, real-time insights that allow you to build better campaigns and drive real business outcomes.


Get a holistic view of your campaigns.

Understand people-based reach and frequency across both TV and digital.


Connect performance with real-world sales.

Use an in-depth understanding of consumer attention to attribute campaign success to sales.*

*Regional availability only.

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Unilever quote

“Moat is an important partner for Unilever. By leveraging Moat Analytics, we make smarter decisions and drive increased success to our digital marketing programs.”

—Jennifer Gardner, Senior Director Media, North America, Unilever

Oracle Exposes “DrainerBot” Mobile Ad Fraud Operation

Oracle Exposes DrainerBot Mobile Ad Fraud Operation

Joint Work of Teams from Oracle’s Moat and Dyn Acquisitions Led to Discovery

“DrainerBot,” a major mobile ad fraud operation distributed through millions of downloads of infected consumer apps, can consume more than 10GB of data per month, downloading hidden and unseen video ads.