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CX Service Rule Book

Ripping Up the Service Rule Book

Ripping Up the
Service Rule Book

In the world of modern service, is experience really everything? Improve customer satisfaction and retention by writing new rules.

Discover the Rules to Be Broken

  • Oracle Developer Studio 12.5

    Introduction and Rule One

    New rules, new results. And it starts with pricing. (Right?)

    Find out the first rule
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 Now Available

    Rules Two and Three

    Customers speak in actions, not words. Apart from on social.

    View the video now
  • Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2 Now Available

    Rules Four and Five

    It’s not all about Net Promoter Score—it’s about context.

    Watch and learn why
Doing Business the Customer Service Way
Customer Service Rulebook

Now it’s time to create a new service rule book. One that’s relevant and actionable. In fact, we’ve done it for you—dispelling common customer service myths and enstating a modern strategy for success.

In the Spotlight

The Rise of the Digital Frontline


The Rise of the Digital Frontline

In the war to win hearts and minds, it’s vital to have a digital frontline.

Quick Tour


Quick Tour

Take a quick tour of Oracle Service Cloud and discover how Oracle Applications can transform business.

Rulebook Event


Think Forward: Accelerate Your Business

Oracle Modern Business Experience will help you explore ways to accelerate your business through transformation and growth.

Useful Resources

  • Video: Customer Service Psychology

    Video: Customer Service Psychology

    Get inside your customers’ heads to better the service you provide.

  • iPaper: Customer Community Support

    iPaper: Customer Community Support

    Help your customers help themselves by starting a social community.

  • Rulebook

    Keynote: When Business Meets Design

    Unlock customer experiences that are better by design. Brian Solis explains how.

  • Vidlets: Your Service Opportunity

    Vidlets: Your Service Opportunity

    Digital provides your business with challenge and possibility. Embrace it.

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