Listening Technology Solutions

Listening Technology Solutions
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Deeper Listening

Deeper Listening

Listen on owned and earned media. LSA technology gives you clean data.

Oracle SRM goes beyond listening on owned social media channels and listens on over 40 million sites such as message boards, blogs, consumer review sites, and video sites. Oracle’s Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) technology cuts through the noise to give more accurate and relevant listening data.



  • Oracle Social Relationship Management

    Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) is the only solution ready to meet your immediate and future social media management needs, enabling your organization to innovate and extend social across your business.

  • Social Engagement & Monitoring

    Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring provides advanced and deeper listening technology allowing you to filter through 700 million conversations daily to listen and capture only conversations relevant to your brand.

  • Social Marketing

    Oracle Social Marketing easily empowers you to deliver personalized customer interactions by publishing customized social content to engage your fans, while staying true to your brand’s unique character.

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