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Surviving HR Data Breaches in a Digital World

In this Tomorrow Talk episode, learn what initiatives CHROs are prioritising, including using data to determine employee engagement, collaborative data sharing, and building the right culture.

How Do We Keep Data Secure?


Why a Data Breach Inhibits Attracting Top Talent

When your data is compromised, it not only hurts your bottom line, it inhibits your ability to both attract and retain top industry talent.


Shifting from Thinking as Employers to Thinking as Service Providers

Taking a cultural shift from thinking as an employer to a service provider will improve the way you use data to monitor employee engagement.


Using Data to Ensure Employee Engagement

HR has value it can deliver. But in order to do so, they need to extract key insights from employee data and use that to improve processes.


Never Forget Your Most Critical Asset: People

If you want to build sustainable organisations with competitive advantage, think about the happiness of your most critical asset: your people.

Featured Speakers

Sandra NG

Sandra NG

Group Vice President, IDC

Alex Doneth-Dodds

Alex Doneth-Dodds

Program Lead, Oracle

Using Employee Data

Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

Effective Insights from Trustworthy Data

In this Tomorrow Talk, find out how HR can extract data to ensure that it’s ethically sourced and trustworthy.

HR’s Confidence in Extracting Meaningful Insights

HR’s Confidence in Extracting Meaningful Insights

It’s surprising that only 32% of HR leaders are highly confident in their ability to extract meaningful insights from data.

How HR Can Keep Sensitive Data Secure

How HR Can Keep Sensitive Data Secure

There is a distinct lack of confidence in HR’s ability and confidence to handle data— this needs to change.

Discover data with our ROI calculator and HCM Quick Tour.