Oracle HCM Solution–Compensation Capabilities

Workforce Rewards

Attract and retain talent with differentiated rewards and gain the flexibility to address simple and complex organizational needs.


Design and deliver compensation programs tailored for global and local organizations all in one application that includes modeling scenarios, links pay to performance, and provides total compensation communications.

End-to-End Compensation

End-to-End Compensation

  • Analyze, model, budget, and administer an unlimited number of compensation plans
  • Differentiate compensation based on performance, location, and other criteria
  • Deliver compensation plans to meet local needs while maintaining centralized control and reporting
Total Compensation

Total Compensation

  • Plan compensation changes in a single view, including base pay, incentives, and equity awards
  • Communicate to employees the full value of their total compensation package
  • View cash (bonuses, salary, retirement contributions, etc.) and noncash compensation (time off, wellness benefits, etc.)
Pay for Performance

Pay for Performance

  • Drive compensation calculations and reinforce a pay-for-performance culture
  • Differentiate compensation based on performance ratings, goal attainment, and various other metrics
  • Improve clarity and alignment among organizational objectives and compensation decisions
Complete Configuration

Complete Configuration

  • Easily incorporate data and change compensation plans
  • Quickly create, model, and roll out compensation plans, and populate target amounts based on complex calculations
  • Define eligibility on a number of criteria to meet changing business and job needs

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