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Is Your Cloud Application Running Slowly?

It’s probably a cloud SaaS scalability problem. Every enterprise or growing business needs scalable SaaS applications that can handle the inevitable increases and changes in data, transactions, and engagement.


What Can Happen If Your SaaS Cloud Applications Don’t Scale?

Oracle SaaS, benefit of secure data isolation, shared resources only when it makes sense

Every growing business needs scalable applications to handle the inevitable increases in data and transactions. Without scalability, you are at risk of the “noisy neighbor” syndrome as shown in this example of a traditional multitenant model from a legacy cloud provider. If your business shared a cloud database with this noisy neighbor company, you’d soon notice significantly slower processing speeds and reporting performance, along with a month-end close that takes days, rather than minutes.

Oracle does not commingle data in a single database. Your data is isolated and secure—for faster performance and powerful scalability.

The Oracle Advantage

Non-Oracle multi-tenant cloud provider - noisy neighbor impact on Finance due to increased processing time.

Oracle reduces the risk of having noisy neighbors with a unique and differentiated secure data isolation architecture which allows for impressive scalability and increased performance. This is accomplished by eliminating the noisy neighbor syndrome. With secure data isolation, each Oracle Cloud customer has a dedicated environment. What does this mean?

As cloud applications scale, they process transactions quickly—regardless of volume or calendar period. Scalable SaaS applications maintain optimal performance levels, so periodic increases in data inflows are easily handled. All Oracle applications are designed and tested for scalability, so system performance and response time are not compromised.

The Bottom Line for Your Business

white paper thumbnail - Oracle Financial Cloud Services Scale to Process Millions of Transactions Every Minute

The best business decisions are derived from timely analysis and reporting across real-time transactional activity. With Oracle, scalability is built into SaaS cloud applications and has been rigorously tested against extreme scenarios. Here are the results:

  • 360 million cloud transactions per hour in a simulated SaaS environment.
  • 1 million payments per hour. Simulated accounts receivable from more than 1,000 companies, generating more than 4 million invoices/hour in conjunction with accounts payable.
  • 58,000 cost centers for a single company spread across 24 business units in 12 countries used as a SaaS testing model.

Oracle Cloud SaaS Applications

An integrated cloud platform uniting finance, human resources, supply chain, and other operational data can optimize end-to-end experiences. Learn more about Oracle’s complete, future-proof, and trusted suite of SaaS applications. Create your tomorrow, today.