Oracle Supply Chain Management for Sourcing and Procurement

Oracle SCM: Sourcing and Procurement
Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, and Spend Management
Modern Procurement
Modern Procurement Modern Procurement

Are you effectively managing your source to settle process?

Deliver unprecedented insight to all types of users. Change the way procurement works with a revolutionary approach to collaboration, business intelligence, and process automation.

Spend Management
Spend Management Spend Management

Do you have visibility into procurement spend?

Gain visibility into direct and indirect spending across global accounts. Find opportunities to increase leverage. By integrating data from across the enterprise value chain, you’ll optimize supply side performance.

Supplier Enablement
Supplier Enablement Supplier Enablement

How effectively are you onboarding and collaborating with your suppliers?

Transform supplier qualification, administration, and assessment with complete supplier lifecycle management. Streamline your supplier enablement processes and lower transaction costs.

Strategic Sourcing
Strategic Sourcing Strategic Sourcing

Are you maximizing sourcing opportunities?

With support for strategic sourcing, you can increase sourcing bandwidth and exploit more savings opportunities. Collaborate and negotiate online to create agreements that provide the best terms.

Contract Management
Contract Management Contract Management

Are you in control of your contract lifecycle management process?

From authoring and negotiation through implementation, enforcement, evaluation, and closeout, you can ensure compliance and transparency—and minimize risk.

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