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How Big is Big Data? Learn How Big Data Works with Your Role in Business

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How big is big data? Gain a competitive advantage with an information strategy and big data architecture focused on data liquidity. Gain the ability to get the data you want into the shape you need with the minimum time and effort.

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of high achievers combine non-relational and relational data

Enterprise Architect
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Architect circleicon

of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience

Chief Data Officer
CDO popicon
CDO circleicon

productivity increase is possible with role-based analytics

Business Leader
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of the top performers say predictive analytics is critical

Data Scientist
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Data Scientist circleicon

of execs believe data they have is not fully used and revenue is lost as a result

CIO circleicon
CIO circleicon
chief data officer icon

Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer
Transform Business with Big Data

How can you take advantage of data insights and open new opportunities and business models?

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Provide More Capabilities Faster

Enable innovation and growth in the business by focusing IT on high-priority business strategies and leveraging existing investments.

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Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect
Harness Data Growth

Tap the power of non-relational and relational data to provide the business with the insight and flexibility they need.

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Business Leader

Business Leader
Apply Big Data Analytics to Decisions

Easily tap a range of data to make smarter, faster decisions and provide actionable insight and predictions to improve business outcomes.

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Data Scientist

Data Scientist
Change the Game with Big Data and Analytics

Embed models into business processes to measure impact on business value. Increase model accuracy and precision with real-time data from digital technologies.


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