Inspiring unity through Asian leadership

As a global company with a presence in 175 countries, we truly value the culturally diverse contributions of our Pan-Asian community. Your perspectives enhance our products, help our customers, and make our teams stronger. We’re committed to elevating Asian leaders so that everyone can reap the rewards of a more inclusive Oracle.

How we are enhancing careers

  • Hiring a diverse workforce

    We’re dedicated to hiring and retaining a workforce that reflects the cultural diversity of the world around us. We’re moving forward on our diversity journey by engaging with Asian talent networks, tracking our progress, and holding leaders accountable.

  • Connecting our employees

    Oracle Professional Asian Leadership (OPAL) is our employee resource group that was created to enrich the careers of our Asian employees. With 22 chapters and 3,600 members, we focus on inspiring unity through inclusive leadership and mentorship.

  • Building an inclusive culture

    We offer a range of leadership and professional development programs that help our Asian employees thrive. OPAL also holds an annual leadership symposium and sponsors members to attend the National ASCEND Conference.

  • Nurturing potential

    We partner with ASCEND to elevate Asian professionals and increase opportunities in the technology industry. Through Oracle Academy we provide free STEM education to students in more than 120 countries.

We learn from each other

  • Win, Director Solution Engineering

    “As an Asian, I often felt alone in my struggles. But this community was created so that you don’t have to feel that way.” Learn how she launched OPAL, Oracle's fastest-growing employee resource group.

    Read Win's story
  • Sherwin, Business Analyst

    “OPAL is my work family. We celebrate each other’s successes as we achieve them and lean on each other for support whenever we face challenges."

    Read Sherwin's story
  • Bo, Head of Developer Relations

    “Without diversity of thought and opinions we’d all be the same—and who wants that?” Learn how Bo is working to make a cultural impact at Oracle.

    Read Bo's story
  • Bill, Director Strategic Initiatives

    “I look forward to my son living in a more diverse and inclusive world.” Learn how Bill and fellow OPAL members are working to raise cultural awareness at Oracle.

Bring your whole self to Oracle

  • Share your heritage

    We celebrate unique stories and diverse backgrounds every day, and each year we're proud to mark Asian Pacific Islander-American Heritage Month across our local offices. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues over food, dress, and special traditions that mean a lot to us.

  • Celebrate together

    Our employees often say their favorite part about life at Oracle is celebrating festivals with their teams. We host celebrations for the Lunar New Year, Diwali, and Holi festivals; our colleagues are always excited to share in the experience and learn about what these days represent.

  • Help others grow

    All of our employees are entitled to 40 paid volunteer hours every year. Many OPAL members and allies use this time to work together on projects they feel will enrich the lives of Asian communities.

  • Look after your wellbeing

    Finding balance in your life is essential for health and happiness. Here, flexible work hours help you make time for what's important. Our local OPAL chapters also host a variety of wellness events and webinars that focus on mind, body, and spirit.

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