Red Bull Racing puts fans in the driver’s seat using Oracle

Red Bull Racing uses Oracle Marketing to enhance its engagement strategy, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before.


Layering Oracle Marketing expertise with Red Bull Racing’s creativity and global fan base, we can deliver something unique and special for our fans.

Oliver HughesChief Marketing Officer, Red Bull Racing

Business challenges

Red Bull Racing was looking to drive innovation, shake things up in Formula 1, and set an example in sports and entertainment. As a world champion team, it needed a fan experience platform that reflected the loyalty and dedication of its devotees. To deliver an unrivaled experience, Red Bull Racing turned to data to understand what fans want and when they want it. In sports, you cannot win every race, but you can improve the fan experience every single day, and this is what Red Bull Racing sought to do.

Oracle brings huge capability, innovation, and expertise to many of the world’s largest and most successful businesses. To be able to tap into that exceptional power and knowledge is a major step forward for our team.

Christian HornerTeam Principal, Red Bull Racing

Why Red Bull Racing chose Oracle

When initially meeting with Oracle, Red Bull Racing was impressed with the approach Oracle took. Instead of pushing technology, Oracle focused on understanding the team’s challenges and its goals.

After many discussions, it was clear Oracle had the ideal product suite to create a fan experience unique to Formula 1. Not only did Oracle have the right solutions, but with Oracle Marketing Consulting, Red Bull Racing did not have to become product experts. The consulting team crafted everything from campaign strategies and integration to web design and coding. With this support, Red Bull Racing used Oracle Marketing solutions to create a data-driven fan experience, bringing race addicts closer than ever to the fast-paced world of Formula 1.


With the implementation of the Oracle Marketing suite, Red Bull Racing can now provide its global fan base with easy access to an experience that money can’t buy: behind-the-scenes content and fans-only access.

Using Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, the team launched the Red Bull Racing Paddock, a free loyalty program with activities for Red Bull Racing fans to engage with and earn points. They earn points each time they watch race highlights, take quizzes, find hidden codes, and refer friends. Fans can then use these points to progress through a tier system and redeem rewards. In just the first week after launch, Red Bull Racing saw strong engagement with the platform, with a 390% increase in website accounts, along with 300 rewards redeemed and 10,000-plus promotion codes entered.

To let the marketing team personalize experiences, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform connects all available data sources to simplify, consolidate, and create a real-time view of each fan. Oracle Unity gathers customer signals and applies them to the customer profile in real time, so the marketing team has the most up-to-date insights about the customer at every moment, to make sure fans are getting the right content at the right time.

Red Bull Racing also uses Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to deliver relevant, automated, and personalized messaging campaigns across multiple channels at scale. Fans receive targeted, up-to-date information specific to their interests, making them feel like a part of the team. Within the first four months, Responsys has already sent millions of emails for the team.

Red Bull Racing taps Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation for its internal and B2B communications, which include hospitality partnerships and team communications. Using Eloqua, the team can automatically respond to guests and partners in a personalized way.

Finally, with Sauce Video, part of Oracle Content Management, fans will be able to share videos and contribute to the overall experience for each other.

Oracle Marketing Consulting helped Red Bull Racing combine these Oracle Marketing solutions and launch a first-in-its-class, personalized fan experience that will drive innovation in the sports industry.


Oracle Marketing Consulting was chosen as the right CX implementation partner to help Red Bull Racing deliver an unrivaled fan experience because of its extensive customer experience portfolio and data expertise. Oliver Hughes, chief marketing officer of Red Bull Racing, appreciates that Oracle consultants are embedded within the Fan Engagement Team, operating as a seamless extension of the Red Bull Racing mission. Additionally, Oracle Marketing Consulting helps Red Bull Racing increase efficiency, so the organization can stay focused on winning races and keeping fans excited.

Published:January 21, 2022