The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences reported a 290% productivity increase in document control review cycles

With Aconex, BESIX achieved 70% more QA/QA items processed per month.


Business challenges

  • Inconsistent information between the Client and Main Contractor organizations resulting in discrepancies
  • Inefficiency around collaboration and inconsistent systems managing project processes
  • A QA/QC team that was overwhelmed by the task of manually logging, printing, tracking and scanning 10,000 Work Inspection Requests per year


  • Configurable workflows were set up to manage each type of review, providing visibility into due dates, status and point of responsibility
  • One central system accessed by all project team organizations provided one single source of truth
  • Secure cloud-based system, accessible at any time to make collaboration across geographies and time zones easy and efficient
  • Fully configurable naming conventions and numbering schemes set up from the beginning with input from all project stakeholders
  • 290% productivity increase in document control review cycles
  • Achieved 100% accuracy in Engineers Instructions register and content
  • 3 Document Controllers freed up from administrative tasks revamped the QA/QA process via Aconex
  • Now 70% more QA/QA items processed per month, over 3,500 issues compared to 1,000 issues
  • Client review of RFIs using Aconex workflows and centralized RFI register has resulted in greater traceability and accountability
Published:July 2, 2018

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