Defence Health and Oracle: Superior health for those who serve

Defence Health Australia, chose Oracle to transform the member experience. Specifically, the organization wants to become more agile in meeting members' needs and providing a more modern and convenient experience through digital processes.


We want to be agile for our members…and we did not have the flexibility and quick-to-market capabilities that we needed. The Oracle Health Insurance platform is the back end of our transformational journey.

Joanne KadlecikCOO, Defence Health Limited

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The Opportunity

Operational functions are ripe for innovation in the healthcare payer industry, from policy administration and revenue management and billing to claims management and adjudication. Payers want to improve operational efficiency, create market differentiators, and respond to members’ elevated expectations for intuitive, modern experiences. Automation and advanced analytical capabilities are critical to introducing greater efficiency, agility, and control across these core business functions. Often, however, payers’ legacy systems are not up to the task.

Defence Health’s Journey

“We didn’t have a platform that could enable the flexibility and speed to market that we needed,” said Joanne Kadlecik, chief operating officer for Defence Health.

The organization conducted an exhaustive research and procurement process, looking at offerings in the Australian market and the international market to find a system that could give it the agility it needed to serve its members’ current and future needs. “Oracle ranked very high for its modularization, configuration, and flexibility. Because of this flexibility, we will be able to get products to market much faster than we can today,” Kadlecik said.

Defence Health chose Oracle Health Insurance for its flexible, modular structure and its application programming interfaces, which facilitate integration with the organization’s broad ecosystem of applications. The organization plans to implement the full Oracle Health Insurance solution. “It’s the back end of our transformational journey.” Kadlecik said.

Future Forward

Oracle Health Insurance will enable members to manage their coverage online 24/7, when and where it’s most convenient for them. Defence Health also will boost productivity and efficiency in its service center—further elevating the experience for both members and employees.

Lessons from the Road to Innovation

Develop and implement change-management strategies and processes from the start of your initiative to facilitate staff involvement and buy-in throughout the journey.

Take advantage of the Oracle Customer Advisory Board to learn from other implementers about their processes, pain points, and successes, which will enhance your transformation journey.

Published:April 8, 2020