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Emirates Float Glass LLC

Emirates Float Glass Boosts System Performance 5x On Average


When replacing our legacy HP server infrastructure to run Oracle E-Business Suite, we found that Oracle Database Appliance offered the best cost-benefit ratio. Today it exceeds our expectations, and there is no machine on the market that offers similar power to Oracle Database with reduced licensing costs.

— Bilal Ahmed, IT Manager, Emirates Float Glass LLC

Emirates Float Glass Strengthens Competitiveness with High Performance for Lower Cost of Ownership

Emirates Float Glass, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments, is a manufacturer of premium quality float glass for regional and international glass processors mostly in the architectural and automotive industry sectors. The company currently produces about 600 tons of glass products per day and plans to further increase production. Approximately half of this output stays in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE—while the rest is exported to North and South America, Europe, Australia, Far East Asia, and Africa. 
Emirates Float Glass runs Oracle E-Business Suite in its on-premises data center, until recently on HP Blade servers and HP EVA storage. Due to the outdated technology stack, performance issues, and bottlenecks in data processing, the company was looking to replace the HP technology with a new, more powerful, reliable, and affordable infrastructure for operating the company’s critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • Deploy a stable, fail-safe, and high performance server infrastructure to run the business-critical ERP system and database on which all departments of the float glass manufacturer rely—including human resources (HR), financials, order management, supply chain management, and inventory and asset management
  • Strengthen competitiveness in global float glass markets, mainly in the automotive and architectural industries, by optimizing decision-making capabilities with increased system performance and faster reporting
  • Support scheduled business growth and increased float glass production by deploying a flexible and easily scalable platform for running Oracle Database
  • Meet budget requirements by limiting costs for platform acquisition, operation, and database licensing
  • Built a high-performance, future-safe environment for Oracle E-Business Suite, the organization’s ERP system, by deploying it on the Oracle Database Appliance as a ‘Solution in a Box’, processing data on average 5x faster than on legacy HP servers
  • Strengthened decision-making capabilities and competitiveness in global float glass markets by providing faster access to reports and business analytics, and automated flow of information across all departments via Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Improved user experience by reducing response times for any type of Oracle E-Business Suite queries and self-services—from financials to supply chain and HR management—with increased system performance
  • Enhanced customer service by enabling consultants to reply more quickly to customer requests and to provide float glass quotations in shorter time
  • Gained maximum system flexibility and scalability by leveraging Oracle’s Capacity-On-Demand (CoD) licensing to adjust data processing speed and storage capacity to business growth
  • Gained the ability to allocate spare storage and processing capacity to the production system if needed, increasing system fail-safety to ensure uninterrupted service and continuous float glass production
  • Limited total cost of ownership thanks to Oracle Database Appliance’s competitive asset cost with usage-dependent license options as well as simplified implementation and maintenance
  • Enabled the IT department to manage network operations, database operations, applications, application development, and consulting services with only four employees


After a thorough review of the market, we chose Oracle Database Appliance based on certain key criteria: the appliance’s seamless integration with Oracle E-Business Suite, the fair and scalable database licensing scheme, the ease of implementation, and the total cost. We are more than happy with that solution.

— Bilal Ahmed, IT Manager, Emirates Float Glass LLC


Emirates Float Glass had customized Oracle E-Business Suite before to meet specific requirements such as for packaging materials or sending backordered goods. These customizations had to be preserved when migrating the application and its database. With the efficient support of Oracle Partner, Gerab System Solutions, responsible for the system migration, Oracle Database Appliance was deployed and configured within one month. The go-live took place during a weekend. Users were highly satisfied with the migration completed outside office hours.

About Emirates Float Glass LLC


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Emirates Float Glass LLC is the United Arab Emirates’ leading producer of clear float glass, tinted float glass, and pyrolytic reflective glass products. Its products are backed by licensed technology from global glass leader PPG Industries, USA. Customers include glass processing companies that use float glass mostly in the architectural and automotive industry sectors. The company’s state-of-the-art glass manufacturing and processing facility has the capacity to produce approximately 200,000 tons of molten glass per annum. Once fired, each glass float line will produce ribbons of molten glass without interruption for 12 to 15 years. 


“Gerab System Solutions assisted us during the complete migration from process design to deployment to configuration. Their meticulous planning and execution and their amazing team of highly skilled engineers and project managers helped us to keep the downtime for implementation down to the minimum,” Bilal Ahmed said.
Published:  Aug 17, 2017