50% faster data analysis on schedule performance changes by using Aconex with P6 and Dynamic Insight

SNC Lavalin’s Faithful+Gould Business is always looking for the best solutions to provide to their clients. Aconex is one of the leaders in the field of information and communication management and provides an easy interface into other systems such as Faithful+Gould’s Dynamic Insight. Now, Connected Cost is taking the solution to the next level, enabling insight into cost and schedule impacts.


Business challenges

  • Providing solutions to a wide range of engineering & construction clients
  • Implementing robust dashboarding capabilities across multiple systems
  • Managing complex and detailed cost and schedule breakdowns
  • Enabling optimal benefits of BIM at the right level for the user


  • Configurable solution to meet client and project specific needs
  • Open system which supports interfacing with other solutions
  • Aconex Connected Cost, bringing cost and schedule information together
  • Connected BIM, enabling access and input to models without need for authoring software
  • By using Aconex, Faithful+Gould has been able to add greater value to clients by being more efficient and streamlining processes across their projects
  • Staff can spend less time managing the flow of documents and data, and more time analyzing and interrogating the information
  • Faithful + Gould built connectors between Aconex and their own complex dashboarding and conditional workflow processing system called Dynamic Insight 
  • 99% faster report creation. In the past, it could take 3-5 days per month to create a report for a client, with Aconex this happens in minutes
  • 80% plus improvement expected in Variation Order processing times, from almost a month to just a few days, through introducing Aconex Connected Cost + Dynamic Insight integrated system
  • Time saved in report creation can now be spent on higher value analysis and forecasting to help keep projects on track
  • 50% faster data analysis on project schedule performance changes by using Aconex with P6 and Dynamic Insight to manage a colossal schedule for a major hospitality client. This has enabled targeted actions to be identified and implemented in time to achieve the essential project timescales
  • Aconex Connected BIM provides the benefits of an end to end BIM solution across the project team. This method has been used on Faithful + Gould projects with extremely positive feedback from the Client
  • Integrating Aconex with other standard core business systems has allowed Faithful+Gould to establish a suite of best-in-class management tools that can be implemented extremely quickly, building client trust by effectively managing and controlling all aspects of massive and complex Programmes on their behalf
Published:August 9, 2018

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