Oracle Cloud provides key ingredients to sustaining growth at Madero Restaurants

Home of the world’s best burger, Brazil’s fast-growing restaurant chain migrates applications and data to OCI as data volumes grow exponentially.


In my experience, migrating our data and applications to OCI was a beautiful project. We immediately stabilized the environment very easily, with no disruption to our operations.

Luciano JohnsonDirector of Information Technology, Madero Restaurants

Business challenges

Who makes the best burger in the world? One self-proclaimed contender for that subjective yet coveted title is Brazil-based Madero Restaurants. To back up that bold claim, the company’s leadership recognized the need to establish supply chain and operational excellence to ensure consistency in its product quality and customer experience.

To that end, Madero launched a multiyear plan to build a vertically integrated production, distribution, and logistics platform. The cornerstone of the strategy is the Central Kitchen, which employs about 500 people in a 32,000-square-meter facility that produces and supplies almost all the food consumed in its restaurants. By owning its own supply chain, Madero is not only better positioned to delight its customers, but also to empower employees to operate more efficiently, drive faster menu innovation, and reduce product and labor costs.

Madero is now one of the fastest-growing multibrand restaurant companies in Brazil, expanding from 110 locations at the beginning of 2018 to a portfolio of 275 restaurants in 18 Brazilian states as of September 2022. Historically, operations relied on an on-premises technology infrastructure anchored by TOTVS ERP and an Oracle database. Rapid growth, punctuated by pandemic-induced variances in consumer demand and operational models, made it increasingly difficult to accurately and cost-effectively provision Madero’s data centers. Additionally, the company’s IT employees were increasingly challenged to support massive growth in data, new operational models, and customer-focused initiatives within the constraints of existing on-premises technologies. Accordingly, the company began reviewing options for migrating to a cloud infrastructure and database service in 2021.

Madero chose OCI and Oracle Exadata Database Service over Amazon and Microsoft solutions based on overall price, performance, and security.

Why Madero Restaurants chose Oracle

After evaluating solutions from Amazon and Microsoft, Madero chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Exadata Database Service based on cost, performance, and security. Overall, Oracle was assessed to be the best solution for supporting the company’s aggressive growth strategy as well as its commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, both now and in the future. Additionally, based on long-term relationships, Madero’s leadership had high confidence in Oracle and its local Oracle Partner, Prime Db Solutions.

With OCI, Madero Restaurants now experiences a highly stable and secure cloud infrastructure with a pricing model that is consistent and predictable.


Guided by Oracle Cloud Lift Services and Prime Db, Madero went live on OCI in September 2022. Oracle and the partner were instrumental in seamlessly migrating the company’s Totvs enterprise resource planning system to the cloud platform without disruption to users. Madero’s IT staff can easily make configuration changes without the system downtime that would have been experienced with the legacy on-premises infrastructure.

Overall platform security was enhanced by Oracle Security, Identify, and Compliance, including Oracle Data Guard, which ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery. Oracle’s cloud security capabilities have enabled Madero to retire multiple third-party on-premises solutions. Most recently, the company employed Oracle FastConnect to establish a dedicated, private, and high-bandwidth connection between OCI and its Grupo Madero App, which is hosted on Microsoft Azure. With FastConnect, Madero pays a consistent, low price monthly rather than being charged based on the amount of data passing through the connection.

Madero leaders are confident that Oracle can support their requirements as the company continues to grow and transform the restaurant industry in Brazil and beyond.


Oracle partner Prime Db Solutions worked in concert with Oracle Cloud Lift Services to migrate Madero’s data and essential applications to OCI in less than eight months.

Published:March 10, 2023

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Starting with a single steak house in 2005, Madero Restaurants now offers multiple dining options across 275 locations.